Happy 30th Birthday Commodore 64!



I just posted the article Happy 30th Birthday Commodore 64!.

Believe it or not it’s the 30th anniversary of the Commodore 64 this week. Do you have fond memories of this machine?

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Programming assembler and toying around with the interrupt in order to get 64 instead of 8 sprites was ace. And I rather play C64 games than most of the current gen ones. Giana Sisters, Turrican, Last Ninja … to name a few


I remember it well, but I was an Apple IIC guy with the huge 128kb processor and no hard drive, just 5 1/4" floppy to run everything and a black & GREEN monitor. Only cost me $1150 back then (probably triple that in today’s dollars). ;>)


I may need to boot my Commodore 64 up & play a game .
I think I still have a cassette drive mothballed but I don’t have any tapes for it .
I have both a single & dual 5.24 drive .
Quite a few floppies for those.
Several game cartriges .

This might interest some people but a little pricey for me.


[QUOTE=ricoman;2647539]I remember it well, but I was an Apple IIC guy with the huge 128kb processor and no hard drive, just 5 1/4" floppy to run everything and a black & GREEN monitor. Only cost me $1150 back then (probably triple that in today’s dollars). ;>)[/QUOTE]

I still have my Apple IIC. Was my first PC. I think that I still have the Apple Image Writer printer and, the Apple Modem.


I still have my ‘modded’ VIC-20 too! I piggy backed an additional 8 memory chips to the existing ones and had a whole 16KB memory! I also took the voltage regulator off the board and installed it on top of the power supply to reduce heat and give me a bit more room inside…


I still have my old C64 that I bought in January 1985. Unfortunately when I tried to turn it on, it showed a lot of rubbish on the screen - clearly one of the RAM chips was broken.

I tried to replace it with another chip and since then I can’t turn it on at all :frowning:

Still have my wife’s C64, but that one already had the new hardware revision and doesn’t work with my Dolphin DOS board. :sad:


Oh dear Liggy, perhaps there’s hope for it yet? :rolleyes:



I’ve never seen one or played on one. Can you give me some history on its legacy in the computer world?

What did you succeed it with? (The “AppleII” is noted. What about the Lisa? Was that a successor?)

Was it a single-floppy device, or were there two and, if so, was “having two” a big deal - a sought-after upgrade?

And the cassette? Hubby says these were used on some systems as the original “open source” trading platform among programmers and game players.


[QUOTE=Wombler;2647655]Oh dear Liggy, perhaps there’s hope for it yet? :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]
I don’t think so. Only if I can get a compatible RAM chip - and even then there’s a chance that something else is broken too now. sigh


@ ChristineBCW , I’m assuming (& we know where that goes) that you are asking about the Commodore 64 . There is no connection to Apple .
One there are some web sites still around dedicated to the Commodore .
The VIC-20 was the pre-Commodore but almost the same .
Then came Commodore 128 .
The floppy 5.25 floppy drives for these are external .
The dual one was considerably more expensive but a lot quicker at copying floppy to floppy.
I used mine most to play games but I had a friend (not at that time but later) . He told me about helping develop bullitin boards in this area . Basically the beginning internet. He said his modem ( I don’t rember how slow but would make a 56K dial up look like broadband) was a craddle that you set a old style phone receiver in after you dialed the number.
Here’s the wiki just to get you started:


Yes, I knew the Apple’s weren’t the manfacturer’s “succesor” but for computer users - what did a C64 user gravitate to? AppleII’s? Lisa’s? Early Macs? Or IBM/Compaqs? (I’m still a bit fuzzy on the time-line for Compaq’s entry as an IBM competitor - one year’s time difference? 2-3?)


Read this area of the link below
Demise and bankruptcy

Quote from wiki

The best-selling personal computer of all time was released by Commodore International in 1982: the Commodore 64 (C64) sold over 17 million units before its end


Rescue on Fractalus anyone?? First video game to legitimately scare/startle the crap out of people when that alien jumps up and tries to smash your cockpit. I still remember the first time it got me, I must have jumped through the ceiling. Also one of the first Lucasflim Games releases, before they became lucas arts.

To be honest I played it on my Atari 800 but the game was a huge hit on C64 too.


Cholla, you just triggered some long dead memories. I think I had a modem like that for my Atari 800 back them. I do remember dialing into bulletin board systems back in those days. Wow. BTW it was 300 baud. 300 measly bits per second, or 37.5 bytes. I can almost talk that fast :slight_smile:


I came along with 2400b modems and finding BBS’s that sometimes only had 1200b support. Then 9600b, wheee. But that was all 286 days where the 287 co-processor was a big deal. The Compaq SLT286 was my first computer (1990) in my first year away from home, and I realize it was 3500£ or something dreadful like that - Father must have been crazy! But we used his office BBS to connect in, every day. Eee squawww eee click click…

A year after I married Hubby, I visited his office and discovered they had three of those, one in their ‘museum’ and I took one home with me, cleaned it up and still love playing with it. Connects to an old parallel port Deskjet 500… runs like a champ.

Friends had those Compaq orange-screen lunchbox 386s in a year or so, but I never liked that screen or the format, and never understood why Compaq abandoned the SLT case. Such a great long cord, nice soft-white screen.


I spent so much time playing games on my roommate’s C64, and I eventually bought a C128. I really miss Space Taxi, Summer Olympics, Gunship, etc. Never got into the VIC- 20, which in my mind was the retarded cousin of C64 (i.e. the Celeron version). Yeah, good times. Some of those old games wipe the floor with most of today’s games. C’mon, guys, who doesn’t remember Artworx’s Strip Poker?


I liked a game called Death Sword it is a variation of The Barbarian .


Germany is a big supporter of everything Commodore, from the vic series all the way through to Amiga PC variants-- both mac & pc mods… Some even used hybrid monstrosities in the original cases. Talk about hard core enthusiast!! Gernany is a very nostalgic society… when many others aren’t…

I’m sure some of these fantatics have moved on… when you can have a slate of video screen portable that does way more… how can you go back (tablets, , smart phones, laptops)?

No doubt some have modded their portable devices to play commodore software through emulation and wireless interfaces such as bluetooth, or wifi. Geez 30 years…

Geez, this generation is pushing 40, 50, 60, 70s… That’s O’’’’’'Le… Skool…


Talk about Robotron, Llamatron etc. :wink: