Happy 2003 everyone

he he did you all get pissed, cus I did :wink:

Anyway Happy New year :bigsmile:

What a start for this year with ManU winning another premiership game, a bit messy but Beckham got classic goal and scholes finished the game in the 90th minute with goal he had been denied throughout the whole game.:slight_smile:

Greets The Diplomat:D

As Da Taxman already said in yet another happy new year post : (well i corrected ONE spelling error :slight_smile: )

To prevent many threads of people wishing each other a happy new year, I will close this one and invite all to reply in this thread:

This thread was started at the time when 2003 started in the country where this server is located…(the Netherlands that is).

Happy new year Intercept :cool: , but this topic is closed :cop: