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Could the new Hantech Markus 800 endanger DViCo‟s TViX range?

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CONS: Player rejects latest firmware (v 118) from Hantec, fast forwards through mkv files horribly (frequently stopped 30 minutes before or after the scene I would be fast forwarding through), drops the sound for high definition mpeg2 files. PRO: Does a fantastic job recognizing files on USB devices, plays standard video beautifully but I didn’t purchase the device to play standard video. As is, I cannot recommend this device for anyone looking for a device that plays HD files.


I now own a Markus 800 and experience the same problems during playback of files. Does not play sound during HD MWV, stops frquently during playback of any file. Also had a problem updating the firmware had to return the unit to Hantech, service was excellent. However questions about the playback of certain files are just neglected and not answerd! Would not recommend this problem at all!


good afternoon to all friends for today i have it the new markus 800 i read if is going to uptate the firmware u must send the markus back in HANTECH :c


good morning to all friends i conect the markus with lcd tv with hdmi cable but the picture is going in 480p is not clok on 1080p when i going there he coming back in 480p any friend can see it this and what about the subs dosent have playing the greek subs


Does anyone else find that the audio is out of sync with some files??? Even low res (480p). Seriously thinking of asking for a refund. I hoping its to do with the fact that Im running from a USB at the mo (although unlikely) and that the problem will go away when I get my new sata 32mb hdd. Playback is fine on pc.


Sorry that should read sata 500gb 32mb cache, at the end.


:c My take is, this media player DOES NOT play full HD as Hantech claims it does. To my experience, it does not even play well with 720p HD. It freezed up some times during power on and reading some files. I’m very disappointed. Would not recommend for any HD plays.


Hantech support sucks. I called and email them many times, but no resposne.

I’m really angry for buying their products.


Just an update to any and all who may own one of these units, Hantech seems to have dissappeared. Their web site no longer exists.
My Markus 800 seems to function with the exception of FFWD and RWD issues, but plays 1080p great. Got V1.26 of the firmware before Hantech dissappeared.



URL for Hantech Firmware


Old dancer , you may be my only hope , I have been searching every where , how do I reset my password for the setup menu or where would I even find the original set up password for the markus 800

Thanks in advance