Hanky Panky



Ok I give two clues and you figure out the answer in rhyming format. I also include # syllables hint.

A very handsome simian (hanky panky)…hunky monkey!

The “hanky panky” hint in parentheses tells you how many syllables there are in the answer. 3 would be “hankety pankety”, 4 would be “hankety p, pankety p”, etc.

Whoever gets it right gets to ask the next. NO CUTS! You HAVE to be the right answerer or you don’t get your brilliant hanky panky heard. The asker generally should hang online until someone gets it, if not then take charge.

Ok ready?

A jittery quick-stopping flightless fowl. (hanky panky)


Jerky Turkey!


A wetter laundry basket?
(hanky panky)


damper hamper

poor amusement (hank pank) :stuck_out_tongue:


porn flick

unsuccesful written cd-rom (hanky)




toaster coaster?


han-ky , so coas-ter :slight_smile:

you’re next :slight_smile:


nightwear belonging to Mr. Sosa
(hanky panky)