Hangs up between copy and burn



A friend of mine uses dvdfab and he said when he copies a movie in between coping and burning it hangs for several min. and will not do anything before burning. Just dvdfab hangs. He has vista.


When it hangs …how many programs are running ?(counting ones that are running in the background)


in fact ive recently had the same thing happen three different times while doing three different disc’s.

5200 beta, pathplayer always enabled, imgburn burn engine, main movie, dvdfab hangs at 99.98% for several minutes.

three different disc’s this happened but several others this did not.

[li]backup of fred claus
[/li][li]original of narnia prince caspian
[/li][li]original of fly me to the moon 3d version

i performed a few cd-dvd speed Transfer rate tests using my ripping drive. one disc did drop speed at the last few megabytes but should have still been readable. and the other two had a perfect curve.


I have a similar issue. Whenever I make a backup to DVD9, I get an error “failed to burn” in between the copy and burn process. I just need to eject the DL DVD and reinsert it and hit “try again” and that works every time. I’ve never had this issue when making a backup to DVD5.