Hangs at flushing buffers and writing borders

When I use Clone dvd, sometimes it hangs at flushing buffers and writing borders and the only way to release it is to restart my computer. I went to a different forum and they suggested to uncheck the ‘successful completion of processing operations’ in the sound. I did that and it still hangs. Any suggestions?

Did you try to reinstall it? Recently a new version was released :slight_smile:

Do you have this problem with a specific movie or it happen randomly? Did you check your RAM with a memtest?

I will try to reinstall it, thanks… i dont have any idea what you are talking about checking my RAM with a memtest… lol… sorry…

oops :flower:

If RAM memory in your computer is damaged, it can cause such kind of errors. Checking RAM is quite simple. You only need to download the free software memtest, burn the ISo on a CD disc, or alternatively get the EXE file for an USB pendrive (if your computer allow to boot from an USB device), then boot the computer from the CD (or the USB device) and let the test run. It require some time to complete at least a single pass (around 40 min if I remember correctly).

If errors are found, then you need to replace RAM