Hanging Playback

i did cross flash the drive, and the last tech i spoke to help me download the utility. i was having problems burning with all media. it just started with the dl media at the end i was having problems burning anything. there is a problem with the laser in the drive. i am not displeased with lite on in general just that particular drive. and i have visited that forum and did some research. they sent me an email with rma instructions so i could send my drive in and get a replacement, but i choose not to. i have had a lot of problems with that model. today i purchased the lg drive. it does everything i want including +r and -r dl also lightscribe. however, i am entitled to my opinions and i always do research before i buy anything. if you go to the forum you will find numerous problems with that model number even after you cross flash or get patched firmware.

@ spiderman_jab,

Thank you providing update information concerning your problem.

You are totally correct that all Forum Members are free to express their opinions. I have never implied that you could not voice your opinion on any matter. My comment concerning “not knocking LiteOn DVD Burners” was not meant to be derogatory to you in any way. I was attempting to have you do more intensive trouble shooting before giving up on your LiteOn SHOW-1633S DVD Burner.

I am glad to hear that you found the cause of your problem. I hope that you are successful with your new LG DVD Burner.

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hi i download a move but if i play it back on media player sound is ok picture jumps all over can any one help

With the information you provide, not a chance somebody can help.