Hanging Playback

I have been using ANYDVD and CLONEDVD for some time, and I have always had this problem but I just put it down to bad media. But now it is getting really irritating.

What the problem is… is after copying a DVD using CloneDVD, (With ANYDVD runnning), using the middle button, (Using Plextor 708 drive), the playback of the movie on my DVD player (Magnavox MDV450) “hangs” at times. Sometimes the “hang” is for a second or two and sometimes it is for good. If I restart the DVD movie from the begining, it “hangs” in the same place.

Thinking it was bad media, I have tried Memorx, Maxwell, Verbatim, and Imation DVD+R disks. Nothing seems to help. Not every DVD movie does this. Only some of them. I have seen nothing in the FAQ’s about this intermittant problem so I just don’t know where to look.

And before everyone here jumps all over me for attacking CloneDVD… I freely admit *** I *** am probably doing something wrong. I just don’t know WHAT I am doing wrong so I can’t correct it.

I don’t think that anyone will jump on you, though I can not speak for Sexy Southerner. :wink:
What concerns your qoestion:

  1. I still think it is mainly a media-standalone related problem, so change it to Fuji, if possible to DVD+R.
  2. Close all programs when you burn the DVD. (Don’t surf on the net, etc.)
  3. Burn at a low speed x2 or x4 (you can set it in CloneDVD2).

Last, but not least: check the “hanging” media with DVDIdentifier. Exclude them and try to use media with different media code.

P.S.: We have dealt with this problem a lot. Make a search, we posted our own experiences concerning this question.

Good luck.

I had the same “freeze frame” problem. I usually occured at about the last 10 minutes of a movie. My family would howl at me to fix the problem. I just didn’t think that the issue could be fixed by using good quality media that was compatible with my DVD burner. I was wrong, dead wrong. I got the specs on my NEC DVD burner and learned that its top writing speed was 4x. I chose the option in Clone DVD to burn at that speed. I found that Verbatim DVD+R disks worked well with my unit. I even stopped the virus protection during the burn. That did the trick. I now have flawless burns. I since then turned the virus protection back on during the burn and it doesn’t affect the burn quality. I post this note both to help you and also to pay thanks to the folks here on the forum that led me down the right path.

everytime i do a dual layer disk with clonedvd version with anydvd version it freezes during playback. the movie gets half way thru about 50 min to an hour and will freeze for about 45 sec up to two minutes. i disable my antivirus dont run any other programs or get on the internet. i have even tried msconfig to disable everything to see if that would help. i also lowered the burn speed. i cant figure out what is going on and its driving me crazy. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

spiderman jab
A very expensive crazy I might add.

What burner and DL media are you using?
To get the specific media manufacturer, you can use either CD Speed (free) from
http://www.cdspeed2000.com, or DVDInfoPro from DVDInfopro.com (get free version).

After you download one of these programs, insert your defective disk and check to see if there are errors on the disk. Also check if the DL+ disk you burned in CloneDVD is showing up as DVD-Rom DL (preferably) or DVD+R DL. I would suggest you use Verbatim DVD+R DL media since it should be more compatible with most burners.

yeah the discs are pretty expensive. i am using a lite on sohw 1633s. i have the latest firmware. also i am using verbatim +r dl discs. i am using original dvd’s they play fine in my computer and stand alone player. i have tried playing the copies that are hanging in different dvd players and they all hang. the last five movies i have backed up all are freezing about 45 min to 1 hour into the movie. they eventually start playing again but it takes anywhere from 45 sec to several min before they do. not sure what else to try.

anyone have any ideas? bjkg?

Did you check for errors on the disks as mentioned in my prior post?
It looks like your doing everything right and using good media. Just hope you didn’t get a bad batch of Verbatim at those hefty prices.

Tuesday I burned Kingdom Of Heaven, my first attempt at DL cause I’m too cheap to buy 5.00 disks, got it at 2.00 and they were Verbatims.
Burned it at 4X on my Nec 3540 burner and it worked perfectly wherever I played it.

In CloneDVD did you instruct to burn at 4X?
If you want to gamble and try another maybe burning at 2X, maybe that would work.

I hope somebody else can offer you more suggestions, I’m out of ideas.

@ spiderman_jab,

I have never attempted to use DL DVD Media because its too expensive and I have never really found the need to use DL media. From my experience with the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software programs the problem you are reporting appears to be DL DVD Media related.

Perchance have you insured that in fact that your LiteOn SOHW 1633S DVD Burner current firmware supports DL media MID (Manufacture ID and media code) for the particular DL DVD Media you are using? Suggest visiting the CD Freaks LiteOn DVD Burner Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=44) and inquire there about the particular DL DVD media you are using and your LiteOn SOHW 1633S and current firmware version.

As suggested by Forum Member itzbinnice have you performed a ScanDisc surface scan of the suspect DL DVDs with Nero CD-DVD Speed (http://www.cdspeed2000.com/files/NeroCDSpeed_401.zip) and checked for errors? Also using Nero CD-DVD Speed do a DiscInfo of the suspect DL DVDs and provide the MID (Manufacture ID and media code) of the media.

Best Regards,

Thought of one more thing. Perhaps it has something to do with how your burner is handling the layer break on the Verbatim DVD’s.
Fifty minutes would seem a bit early for layer break issues, but 1 hour and later could fall into that realm.

Only potential problem I am able to think of is ConeDVD will only apply a layer break at the end of a chapter, therefore the movie may not be split evenly on long movies.

I don’t know exactly how it works since my experience is minimal, but I would imagine on a 1 hour and 30 min movie, the major portion would all go on the first layer and if there wasn’t enough room, the small remainder would go on the second layer.

If I were you, I’d do a search to see if the layer break could be causing your freezing and what solutions are available to correct.

@ spiderman_jab,

Perchance could you provide two pieces of information pertaining to your DL DVD media problem. You state that your LiteOn SOHW 1633S has the latest firmware installed and your using verbatim +r dl discs.

Please provide some amplifying. What is the current firmware of your DVD Burner. Also what is the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of your Verbatim +R DL DVD media.

To obtain the Firmware version of your LiteOn SOHW 1633S DVD Burner and MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of your Verbatim +R DL DVD Media use a software utility similar to DVDInfo (http://www.dvdinfopro.com) or Nero CD-DVD Speed (http://www.cdspeed2000.com/files/NeroCDSpeed_401.zip)

In my pervious posting #9 in this thread I inquired if you were aware if your LiteOn SOHW 1633S current firmware supported the Verbatim +R DL DVD Media your were using. I have checked a few LiteOn SOHW 1633S firmware’s and I have not found any that supporte any Verbatim +R DL DVD Media.

In your posting #7 in this thread you specifically inquired if I had any ideas concerning your problem. Please provide the above requested information so that it can be determined if your DVD Burner firmware supports the Verbatim +R DL DVD Media you are using.

Best Regards,

i used that link to look at the firmware for the 1633s, and i think my problem is with the burner. i read several posts that said there were problems with its firmware then lite on abanonded it and went with the 1653
or something like that. i have an extended warranty on it, im thinking of taking it back and trying a different external burner. do you guys have any suggestions, i dont care about the price i just want a really good one.

bjkg, i found this one online it is a lg gsa 2166d it does +r dl and -r dl plus lightscribe. havent been able to find out much about the firmware. have you heard anything about it. was wondering if this one is better than the new nec one.

From reading your posts I don’t believe you ever stated this was an external burner, this may be the cause. I have read that some of these external cases may have chipsets that have conflicts with controller cards.

You can post on the CD Freaks Liteon forum and ask for help with your problem making sure you advise it is an external unit.
Here’s the link:

Another option, if you are computer savvy enough, you may want to give this a try.
This is only for test purposes to see if the drive iteself is at fault or a conflict by using it in an external case.
Take the drive out of the case and install it in your computer. If it means taking out a CD drive, do so for test purposes. Install the Liteon 1633S on the secondary ide channel and make sure the jumper is set to master.
If there is another device on that ide channel be sure to set it to slave.
Try doing a burn, if it works the problem lies with the external configuration with possible chipset incompatibility. If it still does not work properly then it’s more than likely the drive itself and have it replaced or upgraded to a newer model if you choose. I personally like Liteons, inexpensive, great forum support, and readily available hacked firmware and the ability to support bitsetting. Do a search on the 1693S and see what others think about the drive.

i have a laptop. i went and backed up the movies that were freezing on me with regular verbatim +r discs and none of them would freeze. it just does it with the +r dl discs. i looked at the bitsetting issue and was a little confused not sure if it applies to my situation. i am still thinking about going with a different buner, looking at that lg gsa 2166 d external and a couple on nec’s.

i am using dr16bsos firmware. i called lite on tech support and went to the website i was using the latest firmware but he had me flash it anyway to refresh it. he said that dvd back up software like clonedvd used nero in the burning process and i might need to update it to be able to change the booktype. i have never heard this. is this true?

What the??! CloneDVD most definitely does NOT use Nero in the burning process, so, no, whoever told you that is an idiot or doesn’t know any better. CloneDVD uses its own burning engine developed by Elby. As for Nero and booktype, there is some truth to that…older versions of Nero were rather obnoxious when it came to book type settings. In any case, if you have a liteon, just use the booktype utility. Check the liteon forum if you need to find it.

yeah i called lite on tech support back and got someone who knew what they were talking about. we did some troubleshooting, and there is something wrong with the laser. i have to send mine back in and they will send me a replacement.

At least you were able to get some real help. That’s good. Hopefully it won’t take them too long to get it fixed for ya.

@ spiderman_jab,

I would not knock LiteOn DVD Burners. To acquire the most up to date information concerning LiteOn DVD Burners the knowledge base of the CD Freaks LiteOn Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=44) is unsurpassed. You will never get bogus information there like you received from LiteOn Tech Support.

You appear to be displeased with your current LiteOn DVD Burner. Suggest visiting the CD Freaks LiteOn Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=44) and inquire about cross flashing your LiteOn SHOW-1633S to LiteOn SHOW-1653S CSOP before purchasing a new DVD Burner. Below is just one Forum thread concerning LiteOn SHOW-1633S to LiteOn SHOW-1653S cross flashing. Forum posting #5 in the referenced thread provides a download link to the CodeGuys patched firmware.


Also suggest when visiting the CD Freaks LiteOn Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=44) to acquire a copy of Media Code Speed Edit. Using Media Code Speed Edit open a copy of the current firmware that is installed in your LiteOn SHOW-1633S and view which MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) that are supported by that firmware. Not all DL DVD Media is supported by even the newest up to date DVD Burner firmwares. If the DL DVD Media you are attempting to use is not supported in the DVD Burner firmware you will experience difficulties in obtaining optimal quality burns with that DL DVD Media.

I believe the problem you are experience with DL DVD Media is most likely caused by the strong possibility that your DL DVD Media is not supported by your DVD Burner firmware as explained in the above paragraph.

Best Regards,