Hanging on CD-R lead-out when burning with a 3S drive

I bought this drive from Zipzoomfly about a week ago. I just installed it and have run into a major problem. If I use the “cd copy” function in Nero Express ( the burner always locks up during the lead-out phase of the burn. Its pain to kill the process and I cannot gain access to the drive until I restart the system. I was going to send it back for a replacement, but I found another guy on the net with the same problem and he exchanged it once already to have the same issue again. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, is there any hope of fixing it? I have the BSY2 firmware BTW. DoesSony not support their drives with new firmware. I read on another forum that this was just a rebadged Lite-On, but I’m not to crazy on flashing Lite-On firmware to this as it will void the warranty. Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

I’ve having the same problem. Not sure why it’s happening. I don’t burn CDs very often, and when I do, it’s rarely using my DVD-burner, so I haven’t really looked into this problem. But I can confirm that I got this problem with CS09. Does your CD work afterwards? Despite hanging on leadout, my CD turned out fine, so the burn itself was okay; I guess for some reason it just didn’t want to acknowledge that the burn was finished.

Have you tried using other software to burn? EAC can burn BIN/CUE files and is freeware, if you don’t want to buy another piece of software. I’d test using another piece of software myself, but I don’t have the time (also seeing as how I’m in the process of converting all my audio CDs to MP3 DVDs and all my data CDs to data DVDs, I also have the problem of not having anything that I need to burn onto a CD at the moment ;))


Are you using Nero as well? I’m thinking this is a Nero Specific issue that really needs to get reported.

Yea, forgot to specify, that was with Nero, too.

What other burning apps do you have installed? I have Alcohol 52% installed.

Oh gosh… lemme check my list… Alcohol, DVD Decrypter, EAC, and the Nero package (Nero, Nero Express, InCD, etc.) … though I don’t think that having Alcohol installed should affect Nero’s leadout…

Please report this to Nero Website. I already done it, but since you have another model Sony burner and having the same issue, then its something that needs looked into.

I did a complete, OS erase/reload last night (was due anyway) Nero will be the only burning app installed, so I will see if Alcohol was causing the problem.

My PC Specs:

Intel D865PERL MB w/built in sound, NIC, and USB 2.0
512 meg Kingston DDR400 RAM
Pentium 4 2.8Ghz 800FSB (Northwood core) with HT
Radeon 9600XT 128meg AGP(Cat 4.12 drivers)
80gig Seagate SATA HDD
Sony DVD-ROM/CD-RW model CRX320E
Sony DVD-RW model DW-D22A
Windows XP Pro SP2 and all new updates

Well, its not the other burning apps causing the problem. You’re correct that the CD is useable inspite of the freeze on leadout. I made a copy of my XP CD and it was bootable. I hope Ahead fixes this problem though.

Does the leadout problem happen if you burn with Alcohol?

I have 52%. Its only for making images and virtual drives. How bout you?

Oops. Forgot that 52% can’t burn. I’ll see if I can try burning with another app when I get around to it (need to first think of something that I need to burn).

I installed 120% and it burned with no problem. Ahead has yet to respond too me, but its only been a day. I hope they work it in the next update.

Cool, thanks for testing! :slight_smile: So it is software-specific after all…

This must be software/driver related.

I have two SOHW-1653S drives, one connected as external USB 2.0 and one internal. I have no problems with the internal one - but I do have this problem with the external one. I could swap drives and the problem is not with the drives itself.

Ahead taking their time with this months update. I hope they are investigating it :slight_smile:

Well, no luck this month. I reported the issue again and informed them they didn’t respond the first time, like they were supposed to.