Handycam DCR-DVD109E problem



This is a friends camcorder which they tried to record some footage onto a 8cm dvd-r (brand: Sony accucore) the dvd has been formated and the footage was recorded and even the disc shows a Physicaly burnt layer but i cant get it to playback on anything.

in windows its reqonised as a blank dvd and i have tried isobuster to extract the data but it draws a blank too and i am sure the disc was finalised.

any ideas?


Did you finalize it?


Sorry floyd for not replying sooner, according to the owner she said that she did finalize it and then took it out and thought no more about it until she put it into her dvd player one day and the dvd was not recognised, as stated ive tried isobuster to read from it but there is no TOC information on the disc even though there is a clear track on the dvd physicaly, so she tried to finalize again (as have i) and and the handycam cannot complete the operation and even shows no info for the disc.

One thing tho it does know that the disc is closed as it brings up the disc icon that prevents you from recording. Bad disc?

I personally dont like dvd cams cause i reckon that if the user shakes the cam in operation, well cant that knock the laser offline?


It could be just a bad media disc. Try another


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It could be just a bad media disc. Try another

Yep its a pitty those brand of disc aint cheap.