Handy tool for monitoring your Folding WUs

Some of you may have this already, but I just discovered it…tells you how many points you’ll get from the current WU, the preferred deadline, actual time left to complete the WU, PPD…it’s great :smiley:

Get it from here if you’re interested: FahMon :slight_smile:

Already had it. But thanks.

Yeah, I thought the majority of you might :)…might be handy for new team members though.

I’m a bit behind the times I’m afraid :smiley:

that’s ok arachne i’m even more behind the time than you. this tool was new to me so thanks!

(I think i lost about 4000 frames yesterday though when my cousin managed to do a hard restart on my computer)

my own fault for not backing up though i guess!

I saw this when you posted it last night and it was the first i’ve seen of it. I already have 55 processes running so i doubt i will use it but thanks Arachne :flower:

Hehe, you’re welcome, I’m glad it’s of use to someone :flower:

And thanks to the 1337 folders who already knew about this and didn’t tell the rest of us! (Yes this means you, Womble :p, who incidentally needs to get his Folding butt in gear ;)).

Ouch, 4000 frames lost! :doh:…I forgot to backup last night too, but I left the PC running and all is well :doh:

Hehe rolling - without FahMon, I have 41 processes :bigsmile:

I had 70 some odd running the other night :eek: so i weeded out a bunch of stuff and got it down to 55 :doh:

Besides i have Linux running now :smiley:
I’m at 94% on this WU and will finish it in an hour and a half. Go me :stuck_out_tongue:

I can run a WU in about 22 hours.

rolling, i think ti’s time you took the plunge and got rid of that sissy VMWare and go for a dual boot :wink:

But i want to run both at the same time. Can you do that with dual boot?

unfortunately no. i was just joking about you getting hooked on linux anyway. dual booting xp and ubuntu was the first step in my no long booting into xp ever again :stuck_out_tongue:

i still have it, but i don’t think i’ve been in windows in about a month.

There’s still so much more for me to learn before i can be like you reasons. I’m a n00b at Linux :o

i’m a noob too! that’s the fun of dual booting. i break linux 3068 times a day. you learn a LOT by trying to fix it, and if you really can’t fix it just nuke it and reinstall. You still have your windows to fall back on so making mistakes isn’t as big of an issue.

vmware is definitely the next best thing though if you’re trying to get comfortable with it :slight_smile:

Opps? :stuck_out_tongue:

PS. 39 Processes on my system.

Thought that might be your answer :stuck_out_tongue: