Handy-Cam to DVD problems

I am almost like the guy that just posted… I just bought a handy-cam that burns right to a mini-DVD. I finalized it, and put it in my computer, copied the entire thing to a folder on my desktop. I have also bought a DVD RW that is a Lacie external, 8x4812x USB 2.0. I can write the files to a DVD no problem, but I can only play the one big VOB file by clicking on it directly with PowerDVD player, I can’t get it to work like a real DVD. All though I only had recorded 15min on my Handycam, I have 6 files:

How do I burn these to DVD so that I can get a DVD that you can just throw in a DVD player? (So I can send them to my mother, who is less technically oriented than I)

Any help appreciated!