Handshaking issue - LN52A550

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Samsung LN52A550. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]My LN52A550 won’t display correctly. An HD channel is cutoff at the bottom. When switching between an analog station and a digital one, it displays "Searching for signal’ for a few signaIs before it decides how to handle it.  I updated the firmware, checked the settings on both the TW cable box and the TV and still it isn’t right. I swapped HD boxes with a known working TV and that didn’t fix it. I had a Samsung tech come check it out and there was nothing he could do. He did say a co-worker witha Samsung has the same issue and he set his cable box to ‘fixed’. But that setting is not ideal… There deifinitely is a handshaking issue and neither Samsung nor TW accepts responsibility - big surprise there! I think either needs a firmware update. Any ideas?

Sorry for the delay in responding, is your problem fixed already?

I just helped a friend with similar issue. You need to set both Time Warner Cable box and the TV to the correct aspect ratio. In the TV, set to 16:9 and in the Box go to menu and set to Full (I think that was the option).