Hands on with the Zune at the Redmond campus

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The debut
is getting close! Set to hit the streets by November 14, Microsoft’s portable media player will be offered at a price point beginning at $249 dollars US for a 30 gigabyte…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12543-Hands-on-with-the-Zune-at-the-Redmond-campus.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12543-Hands-on-with-the-Zune-at-the-Redmond-campus.html)

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Do we really need another MP3 player? and need more junk from MS?

Well lets hope it cuts Apple’s share in the market. They have done almost no improvements to there product and are just milking it.:frowning:

That’s funny , “Zune” soinds like “Ziune” - means fucking on hebrew :slight_smile:

Yesss! First blow. I felt there was something in the name! Seriously, on the second thought I like that wireless feature. something for kids to do at school (share pr0n) :B Myself I might get one if FLAC is supported, otherwise 30Gs are useless for me.

DRM? Pleaaasssseeee:+:+:+ Maybe some hack on firmware? Any way: I love my Zen:S

Not an apple fan, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I just don’t see giving my iPod up for this. And did it say you could only listen to a song 3 times after sending it? Sheeesh…

ipods are over rated… if it came w/ a 60 or 80 gig i might start thingking about it… my husbands ipod is mediocre at best… not to mention how lame itunes is… they really haven’t improved them since they came out a few years ago… definately milking it… and there are some other mp3 players on the market that would seem to to do all the same functions without the limitations of itunes…

Microsoft Zune presents a serious challenge to Apple Ipod Video. If Apple does not make the Ipod Video screen size bigger to something like 3.5 inch (widescreen 16:9) without making the Ipod bulky (just make the scroll wheel smaller), Ipod Video is going to lose market share to Zune. Either way, software like DVDFabDecrypter is going to benefit, as DVDFabDecrypter can convert DVD video to Ipod Video and Zune formats.

Judging by the look, Zune is already 16X9 widescreen aspect. Apple is in really trouble. I own 10,000 share of AAPL, not happy if Apple loses market share to MSFT.

Zune is not widescreen; it’s 4:3 aspect ratio is the same as the video iPod. It does have a 3" screen, compared to the iPod’s 2 1-2" screen. Full Zune spec’s, and a side-by-side comparison to iPod, are available at http://www.zunerama.com/zune_specs.php frabgod http://www.zunerama.com

If by “it” you mean the iPod, there is a 30GB and an 80GB iPod now. They also have gapless playback now. And both the latest iPod and latest iPod Nanos have much improved battery life, brighter screens, and they’re thinner. Claims of them resting on their laurels indeed.

I think one of the main problems is that apparently it’s not PlaysForSure compatible. That means not compatible with current music stores and confusion between current WMA devices and the Zune. Stupid move if you ask me, and just because MS wanted to tighten the DRM further.

…the music is wrapped with a digital rights management (DRM) layer… Nice concept for community…why don’t they call it “Free MS sales force”?

I still fail to see why all the fuss around the Zune? Yet another, DRM infested, portable music player? What does it possess that is so revolutionary that justifies all the articles and headlines? The “play it 3 times only” DRM function? LOL Why not give as many space to all the other portable music players from other manufacturers?

Lets see, larger screen size than Apples Ipod, 30 gig storage, wireless sharing capabilities all for the same cost as an 8 gigabyte Ipod with smaller screen, no wireless capabilities? This thing is an ipod killer. Yes!!

2 1/2 or 3 inch screen size is still too small!!! Whoever come out with a 3 1/2 screen slimmer is a must have for the frequent flyers!

Uhmm, are you sure? 1. 30GB v. 8GB? Nah, you got that one wrong. Amazon sells the 30GB Ipod for $229.99. I don’t include a link simply because it’s easier to find than spreading butter. 2. Wireless capabilities? Quite limited, I would say. It’s limited to sharing some files with other Zune owners. Uhmm, maybe not all that many around? Anyway, what’s the big deal about sending some files to another guy’s Zune, for him/her to play it 3 times? 3. Gosh, 1/2 inch screen size advantage! Now that one is awesome. LOL Ipod killer? Next!

I’ll stick with my pocket pc. At least, I know, it doesn’t have that DRM crap on it.

  1. Hehehe, Bro, Wake Up, who in their right mind wouldnt pay an extra $20 to go from 8 gigs to 30 gigs? 2. Not that many around? hehehehe, you are a comedian. There are none around right now. When Zune is released it will explode onto the scene. The price-to-feature ratio compared to ipod is 10x better. And the big deal about sending files to other people is that the files you send are “not” limited to just zune tunes to my understanding. That makes it a huge deal. 3. Hehehe ok, you stick with your 2 1/2 inch screen then. Everyone else will be going with 3. And I foresee even Apple making their screens bigger. Everyone knows bigger is better. Yes I would prefer 3 1/2" or even 4" screen but Zune will be biggest with 3" screen for now. Rest in fukking pieces Ipod. hehehehehe