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Hi, I am new to AnyDVD and I have everyting set up from the tutrorial, but When I keep trying to burn encripted DVD’s it won’t burn. I keep getting the follwoing errors:

“DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue- Programming error- exception occured - handle is invalid”

I also get

“failed to set display at 72MHZ”- the preset option for NTSC. The tutorial said to set it at that but it won’t work

I have unistalled and reinstalled but nothing seems to work. My father is a computer programmer and could not figure this out please help!

Welcome to the fourm bobbijo20 :clap:

Did you use DVD Decrypter to rip the files to ut hd first or are u just reading the DVD from ur DVD-rom dive? If you didnt rip the files to ur hd, i recommend that u use DVD Decrypter to rip the files to ur hd first. One more thing and that is the check if ur dvd have any scratches on it or filled with dust, cuz they might have cuz this problem.

Please click “DEFAULT” in AnyDVD settings.

The beauty of AnyDVD is, that you don’t need to rip to harddisk first.

But it is recommended, if you COTF you will get more errors on your disc

You don’t understand how AnyDVD works, do you?

Actually what I did is try to download the DVD to my hard drive with DVD Shrink, it would not let me that’s when I was getting the errors. Should I go another way around this? Is using DVD Decrypter better. What I did before was put my DVD in the DVD burner shrunk it with DVD shrink then burned it with DVD decrypter. The newer DVD’s won’t burn anymore so that’s when I purchaed the DVD anywhere and I still canno’t seem to get them to burn. But orginally when I did the 21 day trial everything worked great. Now I am running into all of thsee errors.

How do you rip them with DVD Decrypter I thought you had to use DVD shrink to rip them to your hard drive.

Please help, thanks!

What is COTF?

I know anydvd works in the background but I thought you had to burn to your harddrive first?

To me, Andvd woks as and decrypter for DVD Decrypter. While the disce is being read ib the DVD drive it slows down the shrinking process and you could get more error on reading the disc. If you rip it to ur hd firs, yes, it would take some time ripping but there would be less error the would happen when doing the shrinking process.

Oh, in terms of time savings and wear-and-tear on the drive, I concur - I always copy it to the hard drive first anyway. But it’s not necessary, and won’t help with errors.

It does for me :iagree:

That’s bad. If you get more or less errors on any given pass, there’s something WRONG with your hardware. :frowning:

What i mean is that there are dust and scratches on it that make the shrinking process slower, not the pop-up windows will them $hit. I just dont like the DVD running on my drive thats all.

I did what you said on the DVD Decriptor it burned to my harddrive but then when I wanted to burn to the DVD it said sectors to large. Now what? I have had this with sveral DVD’s. Also when I use shrink it gives the programmin error

Please help

Is ur dvd larger than 4.7gb. if so compress it with shrink of Clonedvd2. you said that when using shrink, you recieved an error message, please post what the message is so we can help u resolve this problem.

My haddrive is 80GB there is room on my hard drive

Sry, wrong forum :o
Anydvd decrypts OTF with no problems :bigsmile: