Handbrake sucks when converting homemade video?



I’ve recorded the video in H.264 with my Sony HD camcorder, when I convert my camcorder video in my new Mac with Handbrake, it won’t get pass the apple loading screen. When it does, it freezes on the desktop. Is there something wrong with my Mac or Handbrake? If it is Handbrake, please name something alternative I can choose, dvdfab?
I’m using 2.3GHz Mac mini (2GB of 1333MHz DDR3 memory)


Since you say your camcorder video is H.264, and HandBrake is an H.264 encoder, I just don’t see what you are trying to do. Because you have a Mac, your choices aren’t going to be so great. AVI DeMux says they have a Mac version, it might work. Depends, as I said, on what you’re wanting to do.


Thank u, guys plz keep answers coming:)


One question is your mac not able to play your H.264 video directly? And have you checked the apple site about playing H.264 video?


I don’t have a Mac so can’t test. I go along with olyteddy . What are you trying to do?
There should be no need to encode H.264 again with a H.264 encoder . That may be just asking for problems.


@olyteddy Yes, ur right, camcorder is H.264, and HB is an H.264 encoder, they should be fine. But the fact is not, just as i mentioned…Wat should I do?


We still don’t know what you are trying to do.
Just copy the H.264 file or files directly from your camcorder .
There should be no need to encode them as H.264 again with Handbrake.
If the player you are using freezes with those then it must not be able to play H.264.
That should mean you don’t have the correct codec that the player can use.
If it does play the H.264 files copied direct from your camcorder . Why do you need or want to encode them again?


sorry for not making myself clear, mac should support H264 natively, so u guys r right, i just dont have to convert my H264 video to mac with HB, just copy them directly… The fact is i can copy them directly to my mac, but they cant be played back on vlc player or quicktime. So i still cant watch them on my mac. But my friend uses a program called macx video converter (he got it free on cultofmac) to convert them again to H264, and they r playable right now. Still dont understand…


Maybe this video will help you understand a bit more .
The likely answer is the macx video converter uses a different codec than HB for the
H264 conversion .