Handbrake download


Could you tell me please where and which is the best download for Handbrake?:slight_smile:



That depends on the OS that you are using, for windows the 64bit would be the best bet.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Handbrake.fr is the way to go, indeed.

Unfortunately, the nightly builds are indefinitely halted unless you are using Ubuntu. I believe the mirror server hack is responsible for that. Last released compiled Windows x64 nightly from Handbrake.fr was dated May 2, 2017.


Thank You:grinning:


Yay! I missed it but the Handbrake snapshots are back for Windows & Mac. Not nightly builds but at least we can grab snapshots!

Handbrake.fr official nightly download page: https://handbrake.fr/nightly.php

Note: To be honest the Windows & Mac may always have been snapshots. I never looked closely enough. Still nicer than simply being stuck with the standard official stable releases.