Hand held palm game



Hey guys. I no this really doesn’t relate to burning. It has to do with an extremely bored kid in summer school. I was wondering where I could fine a hand held game (that is about the size of my palm or preferbaly smaller) that i could play when i’m in school. I just want a simple game like snake etc. (actually snake would be great.) Thanks guys.



a mobile phone…? :wink:

nokia 3310 or something like that is quite small :wink:


There are sites where you can download Palm OS games…
If you have a Palm then there are some games out there you can install on your Palm. If you don’t have a Palm, get a Gameboy :wink:

Don’t know any sites from the top of my head, but they are out there…


Get a gameboy!


get a handspring. they have loads of games on them, i’ve had mine ages now and it’s at least as good as a b/w gameboy…

on a plus note just noticed i’m not a newbie anymore.



well i’m talking about something the size of the “screen” of the gameboy or maybe a little bigger. I have already outruled the gameboy because of its size.


gameboys are small but if u need smaller go for a mobile then like said before! Anyways why u want to play games on such a small screen on 21" will do for me!!