Hamburger or Pizza?

Do you prefer Hamburger (McDonald, BurgerKing, etc…) or Pizza?

Hamburger Pizza.

I hate fast food [most of it anyways], and I have pizza everyday at school for lunch. Hmmmmmmm…decisions decisions :slight_smile:

I’ll take a steak sub, rare, w/ onions any day.

I still eat rice and noodle for most of my meals, along with kimchi of course. Pizza, Chinese food, and sushi-like fish food are all Oesik food for rare moments.

4 pizza’s a week for me, nearly every week.

Less than once a month for me. I’ve had pizza probably 20 times in 30 years and never had it till I grew old enough not to attend schools.

Pizza rules!!! Ph33r the 1337 pizza!

Pizza’s all the way. Love them.

My love for hamburgers is quite big, but it can’t outdo my love for the holy Pizza! I love lots of pizzas, but I have some favourite restaurants with favourite pizzas. Those are the pizza Pepperoni, Napolitana, El greco and Gyros-shoarma zaziki. Mmmm… I love pizza.

I guess I eat about 1 pizza a week (on an average).

PIZZZZZZAAAAAAA :smiley: My favourites are: Pizza with gyros, Pizza Hawaiian and a Big American Pizza Salami


i love pizza

Pizza…can’t go wrong there

The Golden “M”… :wink:

pizza won :slight_smile:

Pizza only wins because the perveyors of this time honoured delicacy make it at least a little anyways to what the customer wants…Hamburgers, especially the franchise-burgers, are made to what they theink will sell. The ‘corner-shop’ style hamburgers are sooo varying in quality that people give up and go to franchise-burger and eat the plasticy burger-replica that at least is gonna look similar every time and is gonna taste at least cooked… but franchise-pizza isn’t always great, admittedly, but generally it works out better quality.


Pizza wins in every aspect! Cheaper, bigger, healthier, closer to my home (might not apply to your home though :p)

You can have a hamburger-pizza , but not a pizza-hamburger :slight_smile:

Pizza with gyros? I live in Athens, the place with all the gyro you want in the world and I’ve never tasted pizza with gyro.

Anyway, I prefer souvlaki. I eat pizza rarely (like twice a month). Burgers are not of my taste.


Time for some ordering… :drool: