hey guys i was just wondering if i could have a little help.

you see i bought the halo (pc) game and then i made a backup copy for it.
someone (i thought was a good friend) stole it from me. i can use my back up to install halo and play it but it’s stuck on version 1.000. and i have to upgrade to halo 1.07. but whenever i do it say’s “insert the original halo cd”
now i have no idea what i should do i can’t get onto multiplayer. please help.


also i can’t installl the proper video card


same probelm like also on me but i just got the back up,i kinda broke the main one lol…but they posted my my thread also how to do it and now i think i got it and all…i burned my diablo 2 +exp and it works and all…now i goto reburn the back up of halo,