Halo read error



hi , this stuff is kinda new for me with the safedisc and all i searched and searched everywhere and i did all kinds of stuff with alcohol 120% but it still won’t work :a but you guys can probably help me :iagree: i have a PIONEER dvd rw dvr-106d
plz help :confused: :confused: :confused:


you could use the search here in the forum to find out how to backup safedisc… :wink:

bur for now, do the following:
start alc, insert the cd, start the image makeing wizard, choose the source-drive (the one where the disc is inserted), choose profile safedisc (NOT the 2/3 one), set read speed to 4x, other settings are ok, read the image (READ ERRORS IN THE BEGINNING ARE NORMAL FOR SAFEDISC)

after reading it, use the burning-wizard to burn the game using also the safedisc profile (also NOT 2/3), also at 4x speed - that should be it… it SHOULD work…

i don’t know of the abilities of your drive, but if this way does not work, than make what i have told above but choose the Safedisc 2/3 profile for both, reading and writing, this time…


ps: welcome ! :slight_smile:


:bow: raz!

thnx for the fast reply but im gonna try it now , and thnx for the welcome :slight_smile:


ok, report back if it works - and what method you have used (safedisc or safedisc 2/3)


allright m8


well ty its working but it only loads slower but its ok and i used safedisc 2/3 :wink:


good… :slight_smile:

the loading time: of course, depending on the quality of the burned cd (for example the media you used, your burners capabilities …) the backup is not as “perfect” as the original cd, but as long as it loads everything is fine… :wink:


yo fanks dude
just wanted 2 no if d read erors were normal an if u should just go ahead
i no im kinda l8
bu nee ways fnaks


What sort of english is that?

Maybe someone would have replied sooner if they were able to decode what you typed…

As for what appears to be your question, Yes the read errors are normal. Just let it go, once it gets past the errors the rest of the image will only take a few minutes to finish.


yeah i should write in proper english sory :bow:

well what i was saying is that when u get read errors should ignore them and continue
but i figured it all out
i mean i did my research and now i know
you must set it to ignore erors and then it will just copy the erors and there somtimes extra stuff you have to do , depending on what media you want to back up