I have Halo: Combat Evolved for the PC and I wanted to make a backup copy and I researched all night and found that clonecd was a really good program. I installed the trial version last night and tried to make a backup of halo… It WORKED!! I was so excited, but here is where my problem starts…

I got up in the morning and decided I would play some Halo. I put the backup copy of Halo in my Liteon dvd/cd drive and Halo loaded like it normally does with The Play, Add/Remove, Halo Website , or whatever it says on the launcher.

Then I click play and what happens is it shutdowns and comes up with a error…

I guess before I go any further with my PC, (Windows XP home edition) , whenever I have a problem microsoft comes up with a error message.

It says I can send the the problem to microsoft or not send it…

So it came up with that error and I cant play HALO with the backup :frowning: ,
I tried unistalling Halo and reinstalling and trying the backup disk… I actually made another backup of it thinking that might help… well it didnt’.

Note: I forgot to mention HALO worked fine last night using the backup… so that is really weird to me. I think it might have to do with that microsoft error thing, I think it might be able to detect that this is not the original or something, I would like to get rid of that crap… I hate that thing.

So right now I am very lost and I have no idea what to do…

do u have Hide CD-R Media enabled ???
make sure that the CloneCD Tray is running in your taskbar if your running backup disk in your burner.

I had no idea you had to have clonecd running in your toolbar. At the time it wasnt on my toolbar cause I always keep my toolbar to a minimum amount of things… Thanks for the advice, I’ll give that a try! :bigsmile:

Does it work if you use the original CD to play ?

I think your backup is OK, this is a problem with the game itself which is known to be buggy… Try to install the latest patch, it might help in this case.