Halo PC: Trouble burning 1:1 image

Hello there,

First off, I would like to make it clear that I am NOT stealing this game. One of my online friends who I have known for a long time recently bought Halo 2, and he offered to give me his Halo PC since he didn’t want it any longer. Transfer of license. :slight_smile:

However, he doesn’t want to send me the CD; we thought I could download the ISO off of some p2p network and then just use his CD key. I was wrong, because of the safedisc protection. ^Safedisc 2.70.03^

So I burned my ISO with Alex Feinman’s ISO recorder, assuming all would be well; I use my valid cd key to install the game, and then I apply the latest update, and crap, the update knows I don’t have a 1:1 image of the CD, and tells me to insert the proper disc.

So that’s how I found you guys. I did some research way late last night, and the only thing I was able to get out of it in my grogginess is that burning at slower speeds seems to help. I burned my ISO with burnatonce @ 4x speed, and I have the same problem.

What I need to know is whether the problem could potentially lie with the ISO I downloaded in the first place, or, if I assume that the ISO is valid, what I’m doing wrong in burning the ISO.

Thank you.

  • Yolego

Unless he sends you the CD what you are doing is illegal.

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