Halo pc key: Halo combat evolved CD Key Generator

Hey there, well I just bought Halo for PC and after visiting this forum I found out how to burn a copy of it using alcohol. Well I have two computers in my room, including one laptop. I have cable internet so I can set up a LAN game for HALO. But when I start it, both computers aren’t able to play at the same time. Whichever one loads second the error message “INVALID CD KEY” pops up, any way around this? I’m willing to burn another CD. It’s for my own personal use in my room when my friends come over. please reply as soon as you can, any advice would be helpful.

Thank you,

sure. buy another copy :slight_smile:

Scarlet welcome to the CDF forum :slight_smile:

I am sorry but i very much doubt it that under the EULA you have the right to install and play under 2 systems. You probably will have to purchace another cd key or something, better get in touch with the corresponding company.