Halo Combat Evolved

OK…i seriously need help you guys…
all i have right now is the Halo.iso program…only the program…
Now…i put that file onto a virtual drive and it worked…and it turned on…then it suddenly said I needed to update my Halo verision…so i waited and it updated it self…So i was like finnaly!

I put it up on the virtual drive agian and the Halo screen pops up…So i press Play…(this button should then make it full screan and then u can decide if u want multiplayer or what ever)

As soon as i press play the screen goes away like normal…but another one coems up and says please insert the correct halo cd-rom, press OK to restart game…
Ive tried restarting my comp…restarting game about 100 times…i tried put that halo.iso file onto a data disk (which was stupid ) i dont know what will work? :sad: :sad: :sad: :confused: :confused: :bow: :doh:

Oh yea…and i use Deamon Tools for the virtual drive
(my halo verision is verifyed with a Key)

Does anyone know how to get this work…or is there somthing worng with me procedures…plz tell me

Read this and this and then run down to your local shop and buy the game.