Halo Combat Evolved And Alcohol 120%

I just want to make a image of this game so I don’t have to put it in all the time, but when I tried to make a copy (image) it comes up with disc errors??
Now I have looked at the safedisc issue and everything… and I have heard stuff about hardware (firmware) issues, It sounds like this should be preety easy to do (everyone just says use alcohol “its great” throw it in and make a copy?? is there just some setting I am missing to turn on…?? you can copy copy righted games right… can you guys give me the low down…

Thank you!!!

If you just want an image which can be mounted in Alcohol’s vdrives use SafeDisc or SafeDisc 2/3 profile which one doesn’t matter for dumping. The read erros are normal for SafeDisc protection they’ll stop around 10500 just let them run sit back and relax. When dumping is finished mount your image in a vdrive and play the game. To avoid blacklists update to the newest Alcohol version.

Ok this will sound stuiped but how do you set the safedisc profile in alcohol 120%???

thank you again!
you guys are great!

Ok this will sound stuiped but how do you set the safedisc profile in alcohol 120%???

In the Image Making Wizard, at the bottom, there is the Datatype drop-down list. :slight_smile:

Yes I see this but it did does not have safedisc on it?? it is the lastest verision all I see is securom NEW/(4.X.5.X), StarForce 1/2/3, Video cd, VOB Protected CD ETC… I have nothing that says SAFEDISC??? Or is one of these it.???

I have the newest version, and SafeDisc and SafeDisc 2/3 are listed just after RingPROTECH+ and just before SecureROM. :confused:

Great now what?? my verision is 1.9.2 (build 1705)?? is this the same as you??

OH MAN!!! This is going to sound super dumb!!! How about this, you should of said hey buddy try using the scroll on the side to scroll up!! ( I act as if I have never used a computer) WOW, well thank you guys anyways. maybe you will at least get a laugh out of these as I did!!

For example the german version does not contain all profiles.

I was wondering if after you set it to make a image on the pc, can you then reburn that image to a cd and play the cd as normal?

Yes, it should work as normal, just remember to use “ignore media type” in the Alcohol emulation options.