HALO CE Safedisc Protection?



I am trying to play the new version of halo (pc version) HALO CE but it seems the Executable has safedisc or something on it, just wondering if anyone knew how to run it with a burned copy of halo


Hi Lolipop87 and welcome to the forums.

You posted in almost the correct area but I will move this where it belongs. Just note in the future, in Copy Protection List forums we post titles and their corresponding protections already discovered.

Further, you can get a scanner to make sure its safedisc protected.
Once you have determined if it is so, and what version of safedisc, we can check if your hardware qualifies to make a working backup.

You will need whats known as a 2 sheep burner.
You will also need the proper software.
And, you may need additional software to hide something from the backup known as ATIP.

get a scanner here

see if you have a 2 sheep burner here:
or here:
**or tell us what burner make and model you have and maybe someone will know

You need an ATIP hiding utility, you can try getting CloneCD for evaluation and it comes with it.

Start with all of that and report back


Halo: Combat Evolved is, if memory serves, SafeDisk 2.7.


Halo - Combat Evolved - Safedisc 2.70.030


Ok I think I just need some kind of safedisc scrubber or something… I tried unsafedisc but it gave me an error, and I Quote “Random Error” lol whats up with that oh well. so here is my problem Halo CE comes with a whole new directory and it’s own Executable protected with safedisc 2.7 just like the original, I scanned it with A-Ray Scanner, all I need is some way to get the protection off of that executable to play this new version. I already succesfully backed up the regular version of halo so ya thats what I need to figure out, sorry for the ramblin hope someone can help thanks oh ya and how do you post your PC specs at the bottom? My Burner is a Lite-on 52327s


You do not need to use unsafedisc, and using it would be illegal by the terms of the EULA of the game, because it removes the safedisc protection.

Our aim here is to copy protection(or emulate it), especially with your burner which is a 2 sheep burner.

  1. You can use the Safedisc profile with no AWS if you are using CCD.
  2. You can also make an image with CCD and check option to create a “.cue” file and burn with fireburner.
  3. You can even use DiscJuggler to make an image and burn it as well all with DJ.
  4. You can make a copy with Alcohol.

If your burner is the only optical drive you own, you will need to hide atip info from the backup, for all you know maybe your current backup doesnt run because of that.

A) CCD installs a Tray from which you can check “Hide CDR Media”
B) Alcohol also has an option for this.


Ok the regular version works just fine (the one that I backed up) but I try to run the new version from its seperate Executable and it says “Please insert the correct Halo CD-ROM, select OK and restart application” so I am stuck, this new version does not come on a cd and I have never made an image from just files so what do I do? By the way I am using the newest version of Alcohol 120% with the ignore media type function on but still the same message I also got the trial version of clone cd and have hide cd-r media checked


Ok guys thanks alot for the help I think I fixed the problem, thanks alot


Is there a way to mount the HALO image on a virtual drive and not get a ‘Please Insert CD’ message’? What format should the image be in?


Make an image with alcohol 120%, cloneCD or blindwrite and mount it…should work fine.


Use CloneCD to make an image and mount it with Daemon Tools with safedisc emulation enabled. That’s how I’m using it.


Well I use Alcohol 120% and it seems to work fine although I have to turn on “BAD Sectors Emulation” on oh well


I’ve tried making a .iso image, but it still prompts me for a cd. A .cue image almost worked, but I got a “memory read error” when I tried to play it.


Don’t create an .iso image…use alcohol to make the image in .mds format and then use daemon tools to mount the image. What are your pc’s specs…i only ask because of the “memory read error” message.


3.2 ghz ht processor
1 gig ram
plain cd drive
lite-on burner
windows 2000
160 gig hd + 60 gig hd
onboard video (for now, until 6800 ultra 256 megs pci express comes out)
onboard sound (until i get around to buying a better sound card)


I tried loading it as a .mds, but now I get “Setup was unable to find (or could not read) the language specific setup resource dll, unable to continue. Please reboot and try again.” Obviously I have rebooted several times, each with no luck.


Anybody have any ideas on how to get this to work? It is giving me a lot of trouble…


How on earth do we mount an image with Daemon Tools???
Please help respond…i mean i can right click my virtual drive and mount an image on…but daemon tools i don’t know about that…!


hmm…I still can’t get it to work…anybody?


I have a dumb question…

When I’m creating the image file, should I have the official cd in a regular CD drive or my burner drive?