Halo 2 = Leaked

Read /. and this article:


eep… oh well, most hyped up games (sims 2, rome - total war, farcry, half life 2, doom 3 etc) have been leaked before the original date set, rome total war was around nealy a month before, its something the companies need to accept if they hype up there games. oh, i dont think the 3GB filesize will stop people.

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Ok I wonder how many of my fellow students will be talking about the greatness of this game tomorrow :smiley:

maybe if companies released it as soon as they had made all the copies etc rataer than waiting around for a few months it may reduce the want for leakedge coz then somebody (willing to pay for the game) sees it on bittorent thinks ooohhh… i cant wait anouther month, ill just downlaoded it, then once the official comes out they have probibly completed the game and there is no need to buy it or they will just think “yeh… i allready have it”.

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I’m wondering when this news article will be posted on the CDF main page :).

Ding ding ding. I don’t know about you, but when Doom 3 was leaked, I was part of the masses. I was on EFNet at the time…everyone was in awe of how many peers were connected…at LEAST 10,000 at a time.

Doom 3 came out the next day as I recall

ok, dont talk about illegal downloads, dont want this thread closed :wink:

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You going to close it? Didn’t think so…stop acting like a moderator.

We are discussing patterns of warez, not where to get them. Not one link or discussion on where to go get these games; it’s legal. If we were posting links all over the place of where you can download the game, THAT’S when it crosses the line.

sorry! ididnt mean to sound like a mod, nor was i suggesting i would get this thread closed, it just you said about efnet, anyway, sorry, i have looked more carefully at you post and you didnt break the rules, just i was liking this thread and was worried about it bieng closed.

sorry, ben :slight_smile:

EFNet is a chat server on IRC…

I still love you.

I might close it down for that last comment though.

It was pretty obvious that it was going to get leaked. I mean what dosn’t these days.

i know EFnet is a chat server, but when people talk about getting files from it they allmost allways mean warez. anyway lets just forget about this :slight_smile:

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@womble: what comment?

leaked in french? ill wait for my leak_en version :stuck_out_tongue:

The new Celine Dion CD? :confused:

would that be worth leaking? it wouldnt even be worth one of my CD-R’s if i did download a leaked copy.

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That wasn’t too hard to find! mwuahahah

what wasnt?

cough I’m trying to be not so obvious here ben…lol If you wanna know what I’m talking about, PM me. :slight_smile:

oh ok, cough wink i wont say any more :wink:

i can’t see this really hurting the release of Halo 2.
most leaked versions suck, plus who wants it if its all in french ??? :Z
also this leaked version probably won’t even work properly on Xbox Live anyways so it would suck even more.