Halo 2 + GeForce 8800 GTX = Major issue

Hey all,

Little while since I posted but I thort this was important. I got Halo 2 from work today, and installed it. Everything went fine, was slighty surprised with the online activation but hey! Got into the game and it looked like my mouse was being run over a bed (or somthing as uneven). When ever you move the mouse it seems like it just stops, almost like the optical eye isn’t reading the surface right. I had a play with settings but couldn’t fix it. It’s JUST about playable (for me atleast). After about 1/2 hour poking about on Google I found a ‘select’ few people with the same problem. We all have GeForce 8800 GTX’s. It seems to be a driver issue, which I HOPE it is fixed soon. I did update my GFX drivers to the latest, but it hasn’t be resolved yet.

So if you have a GeForce 8800 GTX, hold off buying Halo 2 till this issue is fixed.


Well that sucks to happen to that nice of a vid card. Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info VirusHack.:slight_smile: Is this on XP or Vista?

In the Divine will of M$, Halo 2 is Vista only.


Thanks I didn’t know that. I have trouble with my MS 6000 laser mouse in Vista with Quake4 but it’s the scroll to next weapon doesn’t work at all.:a

I’v got the Laser 8000 version. Very good mouse.


I have an 8800 GTS and some new games simply won’t work well with it. Shrek 3 and Arthur and the Invisibles comes immediately to mind. I have tried using optimised drivers from NGO and also the latest Nvidia drivers, but nothing helps.

This is Halo 2 and Vista we are talking about …:stuck_out_tongue: Both are very poorly put together by themselves, can you imagine putting them together? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve installed Halo 2 on my PC, and got an annoying VB 2005 c++ error at the beginning of setup. After tracking it down to something MS office installed and painstakingly found the correct file to point to so it would remove the “old” version and letting setup install the “new” one I was able to play. Sadly though the graphics look worse than Halo 1 :S

My friend ended up with a bad disc, no start menu icons and saying the installation file was corrupt/missing as setup crashed trying to remove the previous start menu screw up and refused to install. Literally had to clean install Vista to get it working 0_0

Then there auto-aim only for xbox users…bah :stuck_out_tongue: Getting past the shoddy installer is painful enough that other issues like this are far from suprising :confused: