Halflife cd key check (multiplayer)




I have a copied version of Halflife. If I want to connect to a gameserver, it says that my serial number is invalid.

I downloaded some key-generators, but none of them worked. The single-player mode works fine.

I have version v1.106.
What can I do about it?



Not much , ;( go to a local store and write down the code that is written on the box…perhaps…?

In some cases this is one solution…

other people feel free to help too


or buy the original one, or borrow it from your friend


Which Game of half life---------opposing force --counter strike--------


Check the information in your PM and let me know.


I have the normal version of Halflife (No CS and OF).

Uptownchris --> what do you mean by PM?


Sorry I could have helped you if it was counter strike… PM is private messages on the bottem of main page


Go buy it… Collectors edition or somethin’.


I used to have cracks at http://surf.to/riven, but as you can see the site hasn’t been updated since August 2 last year.

Get the origional one. Half-Life: Generations includes Half-Life, Opposing Force, Counter-Strike and many other mods (including working multiplayer keys for everything) for about Æ’ 70,-- (that’s about $ 35,–)