Halflife Blueshift again



O.K. sorry but the first thread I made was in German,I didn’t know that only English was allowed in this Forum.:confused:

Now to my Problem:
I’ve been trying to burn Halflife Blueshift for several times now but all I end up with are Coasters.
My system has the following Components;

TEAK 512 S Burner
Plex Ultraplex 40 CDRom
all Components are SCSI :cool:

Thanx for all help.:stuck_out_tongue:


Which burning program do you use?
Try CloneCD
and enable both subchannel options for reading - Then you should be able to make a perfect backup.
( The game is protected with Securom 2 )



thnx for the answer to my question,I’ve used almost every Burn Prog that exists I guess. CCD, Nero ; Juggler ,WinonCD.EasyCD asf.


Is any of your device capable of reading and als writing subchannel data? That’s necessary to copy a game protected with Securom2.



after what i’ve read and been abele to Copy both my CDRW & CDROM are capable .

Now I Think it’s my Harddisk that’s messing up my copys.
It’s also SCSI with 4.3 GB only for Image and Temp files during the burning Process.:confused:

Thnx for the great help PPL.:D:



Read my thread on how to crack a safedisc 2! You can then copy the game with any writer you like, and don’t even need CloneCD anymore for this protection. Just use easycd creator to make a backup.

GrEeTz FrOm ThE WaRm UK :4