HalfLife 2 release getting closer, Standard-Edition will be 6 CDs!

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Retail Boxes
Standard Edition — includes HL2 and CS:Source. Ships on six CDs, in one of three box-art packages (Gordon, Alyx or the G-Man).

Collector’s Edition — includes Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Half-Life 1: Source, a Half-Life 2 T-shirt and a Prima book sampler. Ships on a single DVD.

HL2 is optimized for ati cards.
people with nvidia cards just stay away and say valve to put hl2 in the… .

what? so it wont work at all on nVIDIA or just not work with good graphics? also will there be a way to put the standard edition on 1 cd (for the protected one so it will run) and one dvd so when installing you dont have to be allways swithcing discs?

  • ben :slight_smile:

is not a question of nvidia or ati.
if i have an ati card i never buy doom3.
its a question of respect for the people o buy games.
if i have an ati card just get it for free :slight_smile:

what? so you are aload to own a illegal copy of doom 3 if you have a ATi card? wtf :confused:???


man, the only thing that is optimized for ati cards is the anti-aliasing and the anisotrophical filter…
and if your hardware is good enough to enable this features, you will see much better performance on ati cards - if ya play without it, there won’t be any noticable difference…

Is it going to come out in DVD format?

@All watch any illegal copy talk here thanks.


i wanst suggesting illegal copies, i was just commenting on cerburus’s post.

ben :slight_smile:

i think people must say no to optimized games.
inst a question of AA or Anisotrophical filter, the diference is almost 30%.
like in doom3 for ati cards.
Someday if you want to play a game you must have a X graphical card , and to play another you must have a Y graphical card.
we all loose.

it was a matter of valve determining that some of nvidias cards wouldnt run the game at framerates that were acceptable for gameplay. they actually wrote different paths for some of the cards. it isnt valves fault that this is the case.

expect nvidia to release new drivers soon after hl2’s release. my doom3 ran 30ish fps on my ati. that was a processor/ram problem, though.

also - if you buy the game on steam, it will be 5$ cheaper :smiley:

:cop: Nvidia’s drivers ran HL2 faster than ATI’s on last check. ATI is quickly trying to improve their drivers to compete with this, and this isn’t even Nvidia’s optimized drivers… of course, we’re talking the 6800 line up vs. the X800 line up, none of these crappy previous GPU’s.

I don’t know where the article is, but search Toms hardware or so to find it. At E3 we saw ATI running HL2 with really great graphics, but compared to what Nvidia is pulling out of their cards, its gonna smoke ATI. :iagree: :iagree:

I bought a 9600xt a while back and it included half-life 2 free (whenever it was released) i believe this offer was on for a long time…
So therefore the game should at least run on one of these cards

why? i don’t see this as a problem - it will be a normal reaction from customers that the number of sold copies decreases if the hardware-requirements are too high…

look, doom 3 sold sooooo often even if everybody says it needs really good hardware…

viewed from the other point: isn’t it great if ya have a special chipset on your graphics card and just because of this the game runs “more beautiful” than on others? without speed issues???

i think this will only result in a harder competition of the chipset manufacturers…

the question is why the game dont run equall for all, as just you pay equally.
if the hardware is almost the same.
just because ati pay valve or nvidia work with id.
quake 4 is released you gonna buy an nvidia, tomorow hl2 you will buy an ati…
not for me

to make it simple and short:

why does your burner cost, let’s say, 50 dollars and another burner costs 50 dollars as well, but has maybe more features - take the plex premium… the price is nearly of a cheap dvd-burner but with the premium you just can copy CDs, not DVDs - but therefore the SECUROM backups are the best that a burner can create at the moment…

nevertheless, the dvd-burner is maybe good in it’s own way…

same is for graphic-cards in my opinion - it’s just your choice what you do with your money…

sorry, i was referring to the more “affordable” cards. the top of the line cards ati will get smoked on, thx to the shorter length of their shaders :confused:

the hardware isnt the same, is the problem cerberus. ati and nvidia build their hardware with a certain pipeline. if the graphics pipeline within the engine is counter to what the hardware wants to run, it can slow things down a lot.

i cant wait for HL2, just downloaded a 700MB video preview that is 1/2 hour long, sure it could have been done better compressed, it is in .mov, im sure it would have been just as good quality at wmv/mp4 200MB oh well :frowning:

one of the e3 vids?