Halflife 2 ready for purchase...!

October 6, 2004, 2:30 pm · valve

Tomorrow at 11 am PST, the Half-Life 2 Steam offers will be ready for purchase. Those who purchase via Steam, will receive the final version of Counter-Strike: Source immediately. Half-Life 2 and other games in the Steam offerings will be made available to purchasers upon their release.

ATI/Half-Life 2 bundle owners may redeem their product key for the Bronze offer or apply their key toward the purchase of either the Silver or Gold offers, receiving a credit equal to the price of the Bronze offer.

Also tomorrow, the Counter-Strike: Source beta will close. Valve would like to thank the thousands of gamers who participated in the beta and helped make it a success.

For more detailed information, please visit www.steampowered.com.

what? i can buy half life 2 now! :confused:

Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Soooo close.

im gonna pre-order my dvd version on amazon.co.uk, much better than the 6 cds :D,

ben :slight_smile:

yes, this game will be a must-have-DVD(!) :wink:

dude… what happened to your old avatar?
i liked the other one, it was more… you :stuck_out_tongue:

ben :slight_smile:

oh, i got bored of it… :wink:
need change sometimes - maybe i’ll change it back in a day or two… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

cool im using the on-screen keyboard, so cant type alot


you can buy it now, i believe. or ina bout 10 minutes. then preloaded cs:source will be available, unless you havent done that. then, whenever hl2 goes gold, they will make it available to you via steam.

or you can wait on vivendi.

But if you get it on CD, its easyer to back-up isnt it?


i suppose, but new clonecd with emulation can make fully woring backups of SafeDisc 3.2 games (ie farcry dvd).

ben :slight_smile:

ps. i assume half life 2 is protected by Safedisc 3.2, am i right?

Nooooo! Don’t abandon the trusty CD Format;)

cant say yet. a release date hasnt been set.

i think more people should start buying dvd-games, and less cd versions…

so, maybe the hardware-developers AND software-developers speed up the developement of “real” dvd 1:1 copies…

I’ve ordered the Silver version from Steam, using my ATI voucher only cost me $11.75 :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to play it. Just had my first go at CS : Source. Impressed!

i just love dvd versions 'coz they are so easy to install, no switching discs, and i find that 1x dvd-r is cheaper than 5x cd-r of the smae quality.anyway, can somebody please explain, is half life 2 out for download now? and how does steam work, is it loaded with drm so you can only play if connected to the interent?

ben :slight_smile:

no, it’s not out, but you can already pay for it… :wink:
so, i assume that it won’t take long anymore until the d-load version comes out…
retail version will follow 1 week later… so, steam-customers have it earlier, but therefore, have only a d-load version…
depending on your connection speed, this might be really uncool… (thinkin’ of my 56k connection… LOL)

btw: if you order hl2 via steam now (remeber, then you will have to d-load it manually and don’t get shipped anything…), you can already d-load cs: source now…

steam is just valve’s “online-store” for to say so…

well im getting the bronze package, i dont want to pay a extra $50 for some old games i could get for a fiver anyway and a cap, poster and all the other crap you would look so pathectic walking about in :slight_smile:


half life 2 will have the game files preloaded, but encrypted. when the game becomes available from vivendi, they will send the decryption info over steam to your computer. half life 2 has had approx 1.5-2 gb preloaded as of now? anyone confirm this? im not taking the plunge til my last final this semester. im not TEMPTING myself.

im waiting untill the retail dvd version, not gonna piss about with steam :slight_smile: