Half Nelson won't play

I’ve tried to play the movie Half Nelson in both my Pioneer 111D and in my standalone dvd player, but neither of them are able to play the disk. The dvd drive (111D) is able to read it and show all the files when I click “Open”, but when I try to play it in either UleadDVD Player or VLC Player, it shows a black screen for 1 second and then disappears as if the disk could not be read. There are no error screens to post either (because none show up). For the record, I was able to produce a copy of the disc without any problems using Anydvd, DVD-RB Pro with CCE SP and Copy2DVD to burn it (haven’t really gotten into transcoders). But the copied disc does the exact same thing as the original…it doesn’t play in either my standalone or dvd-rw drive. Thanks

Media Used: Taiyo Yuden TYG03 DVD-R