Half Life multiplayer with copied cd



How can i play half life with my copied cd becuase everytime i want to play counterstrike, team fortress or normal multiplayer it says my serial number is invalid and i must type another serial when i use the generator none of serials work with multiplayer but the do work with offline half life
BTW: Is there it possible to play half life with bots like in quake 3 and ut so i don’t need to connect to internet and i must also work with mods like counterstrike and team fortress. I used the phinaes bots but i can’t get it to work


update to o v1.0.1.6


already did that


You need for playing HL on Internet a game from the superstore. You can’t play with any key’s from any keygen sorry. I get it from the libary but i think you should just buy the game. Because Counter-Strike ROX !!!

The bots go visit http://www.fileplanet.com/index.asp?section=574

For some bot downloads.
Check the readme file for the site info.