Half Life 2

I have installed half life 2 on 2 PC’s and came to the conclusion to install disk 4 you need an active conection to the net or you’ll get an error and have to reinstall from scratch. Also the first CD is SecuRom 4xx used BR to make bwa and made an image with a120% secuRom 4/5 setting used a-ray twinpeak to patch the image and BAM!!! backup works on both PC’s

Before you can run HL2 via Steam, it updates it to the latest patch, one of these patches remove the SecuROM 5 patches and you can play without the CD. So it is no wonder you can play with your backup on both PC’s.

do you know of a work around steam coz i really don’t wanna be connected to the net to play, coz before the last update i was able to stay in offline mode and play.
Now the newest steam update won’t let you stay offline and play. I can still play it in offline mode on my other PC coz i haven’t connected to the net with it so steam hasn’t updated its self, but my main PC forget about it.

here’s some info on playing in offline mode. not sure if it helps you:

Try this, it works for me.



this reg hack didn’t work after the latest update of steam but i beat the game already man it was short took me 4 days to beat it.

I have HL2 on CD. Is there a way i can meld all the disks into one DVD installer?

I dont think there is without ruining the CD-Check, on second thoughts the protection has been removed now I think. Have you tried creating images of all of your CDs, burning them onto a DVD, then mounting them from the DVD?

I wanna make copies of my half life 2 for my mates so we can Lan fest the crap out of eachother. I see you made copies, did this really work for you?
If i copy these disks with the method you used will i be able to install and play them on my mates pc’s without an internet connection??

My machine is
AMD Athlone 64 Bit 3200Ghz
2 Ghz DDR 333 mhz Ram
200 Ghz 8Mb Harddrive
Asus 64 bit motherboard
ATI Radeon, 8500 Pro graphics card
LG DVD Writer

Copying your discs for your mates is illegal and you will not get any help here to do it.
Your mates should go buy the game if they wish to play it.

hey every body at cd freaks (first post WOOT)

i finally bit the bullet and bought hl2

now with my newly purchased game i want to make a backup so that my 4 year old sister doesn mistake it for a shiny frisby :doh: (she did it to my pre-ordered dawn of war special ed, thank god i caught it)
is there anyway of backing this baby up?

program names and methods would be much apriciated :bow:

KopyKat :bigsmile:

Hey there and Welcome to CDFs!

Valve patched HL2 along time to remove the DVD check (SecuROM 5), so backing it up isn’t a problem. I would say the best program to use is DVD Decrypter. Google it and I’m sure you will find a download mirror. It is illegal in many countries now (well one ability of it is) but that shouldn’t stop you using it. Once you have it installed, fire it up and select: Mode > ISO > Read. Read the disk off into a safe place (like your desktop). Then select Mode > ISO > Write. Tell it where the ISO is, put a blank disk in the target drive, then hit the big button! Good luck.


P.S. If I remember right, SecuROM 5 disks have a single read error @ the end of the disk. If it does just tell DVD Decrypter to skip that sector.

STEAM has a built-in backup function as well…just right-click on a game in the “Play Games” window of steam and select “Backup Game Files…”

So let me get this clear, how would i make a backup of half life 2?? CD VERSION

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