Half-life 2 won't start

Hello there,

After completing half-life 2 a while ago, i decided I would play on it again for fun. When trying to launch it from steam i got the error below.
I decided to leave it…

A few weeks later I had to format my computer, so thinking that half-life would now work, i got the same error.

I have tried using both the latest radeon CCC drivers and the latest omega drivers, looking around on google, installing it from the disc and installing it from download all to no success.

It’s a bit odd because it worked fine 6 odd months ago when I played it and I haven’t changed my computer since :confused: Counterstrike source also plays perfectly at the moment…

Thanks for an input in advance!

Install older gfx drivers, remove the other ones before & reboot.

Thanks for replying.

Installed old 6.12 ati drivers - same error
Installed old 6.7 ati drivers - computer just kept restarting after the xp loading screen.
Installed old 6.7 omega drivers - same as above…