Half life 2 source leaked

which one of you guys took it?

Not me…never played HalfLife before :p.
I also have never played Halo - somehow it managed to automatically download on my computer?? :wink:
Of course, setup apparently can’t find the 25 GB of free space on my 40 GB HDD.


Azello took it !

Source of this picture (not the sourcecode) was found here.

Originally posted by cmr2003x
setup apparently can’t find the 25 GB of free space on my 40 GB HDD.

funny that it should need only 1.5 gig… :cool:

I guess this will have quite some impacts on Valve soft. If this code gets into hands of other game developers (and most probably, it will), they can use Valve’s ideas for their own games.

Good for competition, bad for Valve…

It’s a great damage for Valve guys. I’m not speaking about their HL2 game, because it’ll be surely a great game and will havea lot of success. It’s a great damage because, their code is now available to all, it’s a sort of open-source (lol), and surely their ideas will be steal by others.

Bad day for Valve. That’s a pity for HL2 fans :frowning:

they deserved it the day they starting charging for cs & the stream sh1t

/goes back into hiding :stuck_out_tongue:

since it was leaked like this, competitors cannot use it. if valve suspects they are, they can attempt to reverse engineer the other guys tools, find some kind of proof, and then kill them in court.

the real problem is that hacks/cheats have access to the source. they’ve never had that before. any ideas about how much easier it is to find an exploit, when you have the source right in front of you? hell, write a few test programs, and they will find the exploits for you :confused:

i imagine the engine for hl2 will still be quite licenseable.

i think doom3 is going to eat hl2…imagine turning out all lights , cranking up the volume & playing d3 will bring back the old days of doom. i am damm sure that i am gonna freak out :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

hl2 is over hyped. graphics look stunning, but what about gameplay ??

cs 1.3 > cs 1.5 > cs 1.6

i dont have much high anticipation for hl2.

HL is not CS! Go download DoD and you’ll see :slight_smile:

i dont think d3 will run on this computer. or the next 4 i plan on purchasing. Dod r0x0r :wink:

valve charges for cs/steam? mine was free

stream is free. but it sux.

you arent hardcore enough, or you’d have said it 5ux0|7