Half-life 2 source code has been leaked!

actually it can be compiled (i have the compiled exe’s right here) but thats not the point it now means that us novice programs can use a high quality 3d engine in our lame novice games :slight_smile:

Quote: “Quake was the last game to have its source code leaked shortly after the game was released in 1997. As a result, other game developers including Half-life made use of this source code.” What goes around comes around. According to the article the Quake source was used in the design of Halflifes engine. So now that HL2 has been leaked it will help spawn the design of a new Quake engine:d

Well hopefully someone out there will show valve where their bugs are and teach them how to program properly. The original half life was utterly riddled with bugs and although a very good game was a piece of sh!t to get working multiplayer

You can download the code off the web using a special software tool, Torrent downloader as I recall…so to use a line from Monty Pythons Life Of Brian…“I know where to get it if you want it!” I have to say the code’s of no interest to me, but there again neither is Half Life 2, give me good old Medal Of Honor, a few beers, and I’m a happy man. :B

The half-life 2 beta leak is real. I have it and played it. It is fun and i dont know how to use souce code.