Half-life 2 source code has been leaked!

I just posted the article Half-life 2 source code has been leaked!.

Fr4nz and R!Co used our news submit to tell us that the source code of the upcoming game Half-Life 2 has been leaked. Fr4nz wrote "This is a very bad hurt for Valve which…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6813-Half-life-2-source-code-has-been-leaked.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6813-Half-life-2-source-code-has-been-leaked.html)

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Old news is so exciting. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wrote this here yesterday…anyway it is sad what happend :(.

According to planet Half-life, that news was posted just yesterday, so I’m only going by the date of the source. If the source was over several weeks old, I would reconsider. :X

I don’t get it how they could let something like this happen. According to Valve it was done probably through an Outlook exploit. Since when do they have source code for their triple A game lying around on a PC connected to the internet with a not updated Windows ? I still think there are 2 truths to this story…

The sourcecode must be huge, even compressed, so how the hell did nobody mention the huge amount of traffic going on there? And as far as I know, nobody, I mean NOBODY keeps the whole sourcecode on a single computer linked to the Internet, this is very very unsafe and well, I guess we probably won’t see Half-life 2 ever released. This has a major impact over Valve and Havoc.

First of all why didnt they use a firewall like zonealarm? And why isnt the source code on an isolated PC? I dont buy this story. Its just an excuse for not releasing HL2 on time.

LOL where you been?

GET REAL…! The hacker sure did a good job in achieving his goal to compromise. SWORDFISH. hahaha!

What was posted yesterday was an update to the situation. Oct 2 was the first offical report of this.

Just in case anyone is questioning if this is real, Trust me, IT IS. If you ask me, they got what they where asking for, if they cannot keep their systems secure, what did they think was going to happen.

Also the source for CS was included with the stolen code, that means even more hacks for CS.

OMG, this is SO stupid! Saying that open source will lead to exploits is like saying closed source can never be exploited. Both is totally wrong, for every one person who grabs the HL2 source to use it maliciously there are 10 that will use it to make it better, in terms of anti cheat’s, mods, etc. Good code is like a good encryption algorithm, knowing how it works does not mean knowing how to break it. Sure if the whole encryption is based on obscurity then it can, but then it’s not a good encryption. Any obscurity, even that of compiled code, can be easily broken. After all, the lack of source never stopped people from hacking windows the same way as open source never helped people hack linux. The difference between compiled code and it’s source is only the ease of reading it. But for skilled people there is not much difference on how they can use it. I believe that more good then bad will come from having the source open, and that the entire game will be vastly improved by it. Common people, think POSITIVE! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thous news has been on “The Inqirerer” over a week , two days ago the even posted that company confirms the leak ( http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=11913 ). Morever not the entire game was stolen but “only” some main parts of the engine
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This makes me happy. Valve deserves this. Why? Steam. End of story. (not to mention how HL and CS were so buggy even after numerous updates)

The fact that leaked (or stolen) quake code was used by other developers just shows there is no integrity or honour even between developers…Money will still be made off the final release, so this (industrial espionage ??) is probably just a big…er…game ??..:X

the hl2 source was about 31 mbs, according to screengrabs from ftps. also, its been on planethalflife for a while now, with confirmation from one of their heads. finally, no graphics were included in this. good luck having fun playing the source code compilation game.

It can’t be compiled as it is, said a programmer I know, because they use self-made compilers. And a little off-topic: Steam is somewhat the most crappy software that would have been revolutionary. It’s bugged as hell (why did it take all those months between the beta and final ? It’s still full of bugs), slow as hell and requires every Valve game (in the future, when it’s fully implented) that you are connected to the internet.

As for you already flaming valve and those ppl like hell because of sloppy security and all that shit, im 100% sure they got more security than your boxes. i have read that this exploit was never seen by the anti-virus corporations before, and hence is not logical to be filtered by any software. and this only shows the professionality of the attacker(s), this might have been planned by a rival game corporation for a long time, who knows…

i’m sure this was planned to hype sales – now even if you didn’t know what half-life was, you now know that it is been compromised. i’m also sure this was planned to prematurely excuse any bad behavior in the code – just blame them damn hackers for any misgivings… hell, it worked for the riaa blaming pir8’s.