Half Life 2 Offline Activation

Hi any one know how i can get my Half life 2 game to play My gameing computer is an offline one but i cant play the game unless i get on line what the Hell is that about please any help

From my knowledge you have to be online to activate your game at least one time then you can use the offline mode. More info can found on the steam website.

Yes steam is an authentication for this title and it has to be done online first to even go any further.

ok i bought this off of Amazon.com i had no idea revoius about steam . I have got online and tryed to activate but failed… What are my options i can reset my key due to them not doing that if purchased at auctions

If you bought it off Amazon surly you have a vaild unquie key. Just try again. If it dosn’t work then contact Value / Steam for assistance.

If you bought it via auction then contact them for one that works.

If you “aquired” it then hard cheese.

You have internet access now … why can’t you just activate it?

[Quote=]If you “aquired” it then hard cheese.[/Quote]

Edam or Gouda :slight_smile:

try running it in Cedega… with the offline activate option.

www.steampowered.com click the big yellow button that says get steam now :slight_smile: also i think theres some hl2 bug fixes out there aswell so u might have to spend some time downloading them But may i also Add there was some hl2s that didnt NEED steam to run :slight_smile: released by sierra if im not mistaken but these are hell a buggy and should get steam anyways as its always handy :stuck_out_tongue: