Half-Life 2 nVidia performance tweak



[i]Again, using 3dAnalyze you can test this. It is capable of forcing a card to use only FP16 shaders no matter what is requested. You’ll see virtually no image quality difference doing that - just a HUGE performance boost. Why? Well, because while FP16 is all that Half-Life 2 needs almost all the time, if they let the GeForce FX cards do THAT, they might have been competitive! So, instead, they forced full precision in every shader op (unneeded), which caused the GF-FX cards to render the DX9 mode in FP32 all the time. With the obvious associated performance hit.

Try it yourself. The link to the article is here. Download 3dAnalyze, and follow these instructions: Quote: [/i] [i]Originally Posted by Presi
Open it and follow the numbers:

  1. select HL2.exe file in half-life 2 folder
  2. select any file inside the folder half-life 2bin
  3. select Steam.exe
    than check these options:
  • Under the section Pixel and Vertex Shader: FORCE LOW PRECISION PIXEL SHADER
  • Under the section Remove stuttering: PERFORMANCE MODE
  • on the bottom left: FORCE HOOK.DLL



blaming half life 2 and the engine behind it for attempting to use the dx9 spec on a dx9 card…little misplace, imho

would be better for nvidia to acknowledge the fx line cannot render 32bit shaders at a decent rate, and release a driver hack for those specific products affected. would have saved this site the trouble :wink: