Half life 2 needs online activation to play?

HERE, and CDFreaks News, say you will need to activate Half Life 2 online to be able to play at all (single or multiplayer)

that sux, its ok for me, i can just activate it, but my friend who is on Windows XP, he has a PC in his room, but as he cant get a phone socket and the Wi-Fi wont work as his walls have metal in them, so he doesnt have any interent access, does this mean even though his pc is perfectly capable of playing it he cant, or will there be a way of activating it by phone like with the microsft products?

ben :slight_smile:

Just a waste of time and money , someone will find a way to avoid this.
(not to hard :slight_smile: )

well, i dunno, is it legal if he buys half life 2 but cant install it for me to help him avoid activation?

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I’d take it back.

No it is not legal to avoid activation.
Halflife 2 requires an internet connection.
It’s part of the system requirements.

Hopefully they will have a phone activation option in the future though.

My copy comes free with a ATI graphics card i bought so it would be a waste of time putting it back…
activation sucks btw most people will find a way to avoid it (Im not saying this is right\wrong but they will)

well, obviosly i would prefer a phone activation option, personally i dont feel its wrong to avoid activation of something i have paid full the full amount for. however i do feel that activation is a very powerfull copy protection, and will stop alot of “kiddies” from pirating the software. anyway, what i have done is told my friend not to buy it untill i let him know about the activation position (phone etc), so the activation could quite likely lose them that sale, however it will probibly make them more money that it will lose. also does anybody know any more about the activation? can it be activated a infinate number of times on the same hardware id?, what if i choose to install it on my other computer instead?

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Get him connected whatever it takes, 100 foot of phone cable is cheap. You only need to just activate it online one time and then you can play in offline mode and never have to connect again to play.

It’s just a one time thing and it will be worth it.

i know, i may even take my router and a massive cat-5 cable round, probibly cost more than the game, oh well.

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The extreme solution: Get him to bring his base unit to your house? Assuming he lives near you?


yeh, may well do that, he has a “cube” pc, so thats fairly light and portable, he lives about 10 minuets walk away, still a bother though.

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just got the info from here, the online activation is real, there are yet ppl having the game but not being able to play it 'coz the online-activation-server goes online tomorrow, tuesday… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
i don’t like the way of the “protections”…

Wanna bet that the activation server goes down tomorrow?

i hope it won’t… i hope that enough ppl are smart enough NOT to buy this game as long as the activation is needed, so that the publisher has to bring out a “remove-activation-update”…

ok, i know this won’t happen, MS sold millions of WinXP even if everybody said the activation was sh*t, but i won’t run to get the game tomorrow - i’ll wait, maybe i won’t buy it… even if i was waiting for years now for this game…

i believe the activation attaches a serial number or activation key (Whatever you want to call it) to your steamid within the database. then, on any/every subsequent install, you install steam/the games files and then enter your steamid/password. this is then verified in the database, and the permissions/games owned are then unlocked on your pc.

thats how i understood the process, and it works this way on hl/cs/dod with the present setup. i dont have my serials anymore, i dont have the installation media. i just dled steam, got the apps, logged in, and played.

sorry, allreay orderd and paid for mine before i knew about activation :frowning:
wish valve/vivande/siera relaesed this info earler.

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hey, this is worse than the WinXP activation for me, i think…
it means that i have to create an accout (and maybe i just don’t want that?!?) at steam, and that i have to enter my valid email-adress - i can see it being sold and spam coming into my mailbox… :frowning:


or, what about selling the game privately? if i buy it and play it 15 hours, than have it finished, and want to sell it to a friend? how do i do this so that he can open a steam account parallel to mine? or will mine be closed? how do they manage this?
is it done manually by myself? 'coz then i could open steam account, activate hl2, close my steam account, give the game to a friend, who would activate it using a new account and so on and so on…

yeh, this would of course be illegal, but what is this “protection” for?!? why does valve / vivendi / steam not just tell HOW this completely works?!? and WHAT FOR this is all about?!?

Raz :frowning:

selling the game is the only problem i have with the activation, normally i buy games when they very first come out fot about £30 ($50), and sell the about 1-2 weeks later for £20 ($35). if it has allready been activated i cant then sell it :(, does anybody know if there will be a way to de-activate it from my account so anybody else can re-register?

ben :slight_smile:

i think not…

so i cant un-register my serial :eek:!!, how can i sell it once im bored of it?

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