Half Life 2? How are you getting it?

hmm, several ways of getting half life 2, what way are you planning on?

Ben :slight_smile:

oh, btw votes are public, didnt think any need to keep private :wink:

i will pass hl2 , tired of fps.
World of warcraft :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

ATi Coupon. So technically I have bought it and technically I am not buying it. So technically I don’t know.

Not Stream though. Ever.

I don’t care :). I guess I’ll buy it one day when it hit the shelves in the very back of the store, offering the game for less than €5. I’m still very happy with the XBOX and Locomotion on the PC.

If I had to buy it… well then I’d go for the DVD version, as it saves quite some space, is somewhat faster (no swapping) etc ect…

Hey, a locomotion player.

offtopic, but is it cheaper to buy from steam?

i think it is about the same, just poor servers, and harder to get working, and not sure about weather you can burn it to cd/dvd so you dont have re-download if you need to reinstall.

ben :slight_smile:

oh, @womble the question was how are you getting it, so what format are you getting the ATi coupon in? do they give you a choce?, at the moment amazon.co.uk only have the dvd version for pre-order

There was a post about this yesterday so as yesterday no change still getting it free due to buying an ATI graphics card…

several ways of getting half life 2
P2P is one :wink: Sadly, my computer won’t be able to run it at all; so no point buying for me. But if I had to get it, I guess DVD version

yes? but what format are you getting it on, even if you have a coupon you will still get it on CD/DVD/Steam.

ben :slight_smile:

If I Ever get it, i will be recieving it as a present or finding it in a box of corn flakes.

No idea. Could be CD, could be DVD.

5 $ cheaper, i believe. www.steampowered.com

I have juat had an email reply from ATI customer service saying that

In regards to your email, you will be receiving the CD version, not DVD.

btw im in uk so dont know if it will be the same for other countries but i would expect it to be…

i’m not buying it, i don’t like FPS games…