Half Life 2 being sold before release date

I just posted the article Half Life 2 being sold before release date.

 bcn_246 used our news submit to tell us this bit of off topic  information.  It has been reported from almost everywhere now that places  like Bestbuy, Gamestop and Walmart are already...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9447-Half-Life-2-being-sold-before-release-date.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9447-Half-Life-2-being-sold-before-release-date.html)

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Uhh… This just in… Half life 2 is the best game in the whole world!

I think Valve did an excellent job on the copy protection. Now anyone who already found a way around it or has any ideas? It’s terrible to have it laying around and not being able to play!

:r WHY is it laying around not being able to play?! It’s been out for almost 10 hours now!:+

Wow, a bit behind on this news, aren’t we? Everyone else was reporting this Friday and Saturday.

this just in! its been on hard drives for over a month :stuck_out_tongue: good luck decrypting the files by hand. some release group will have their hands full (i bet its done already)

shame, you can alraidy download the game everywhere (cracked)

What copy protection was used? I forget Or is it just an activation process only?
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Yeah, its been on hard drives for a long time! I’ve had it FOREVER! Its just been unlocked and playable for about 13 hours now. And they use “safe disc 3” on the disc, but that doesn’t matter, becuse the real protection is the fact that valve, through steam powered, has to verify that you have a real copy from them online every time you open the game. Try that on for size. Trust me, you want this game now!!! :S ohhh its so good so good so good PS snowie. you CAN’T download it everywhere because that is the BETA from LAST years E3. Just try it.
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Same people who released CS:Source have also released HL2 now. Its the Steam downloaded files that are now unencrypted, alone with their Steam ID crack.