Half-Life 2 backup using Alcohol 120



First, let me say this: I am a REGISTERED owner of Half-Life 2. I purchased the the retail 5-CD package about a month after HL2 was released (late '04). I’m also a registered owner of Alc120% and use it to make backup copies of all my games. You see why below.

Lately I upgraded much of my system and when I went to re-install HL2 it stopped on the 4th disc with a message that it couldn’t read the hl24.cab file. I tried and retried the install with the same results, whether a partial or full install. I took the disc out and noticed that there were only very slight scratches on it. But through experience I know how sensitive copyright protected discs are, and even a slight imperfection can cause an read errors.

So I’m looking to back the CD up using the latest version of Alc120, v1.9.5.3823. I just don’t know what settings to use in Alc120 and since I use TY blank CD-Rs, I don’t want to make any coasters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please see my sig for my hardware specs. I typically use the Lite-On for CD game backups.


Just use data setting Securom 4.x/5.x and use deamon tools to emulate it.


I don’t want to emulate it–I want to make a backup copy of my original HL2 discs. This has happened before where one or more of my original discs gets scratched, or just plain goes bad for whatever reason, and having a backup has saved me from having to write to the game company, mail the bad disc(s) back, and then wait and wait for the new discs to arrive. The shipping costs only add to the frustration. I just lose interest in the game at that point.

This is why I purchased Alc120–to make backup copies of the games I own.


Yes you can’t make 100% workable securom 5+ CD’S with out emulation.


According to A-Ray, only disc 1 of the set has Securom. So I copied it using Alc120 and its “Securom *NEW (4.x/5.x)” setting. I set the read & write speeds to 4x.

I then installed HL2 using the new backup. Worked fine (previously I would get disc errors). Now I’m waiting for HL2 & CS:Source to update via Steam.


You can also use the backup feature of steam and forget about the Securom disc. But if you want the copy the Securom disc try twinpeaks.


Actually you have a good point. I backed up HL2 some time ago and Steam saved it as an exe file. Now when you back it up Steam saves it as a bunch of files so you can burn them as an autorun CD set or DVD.

I actually prefer just the exe file so I still have it saved on a DVD. I just wanted to have at least one good backup of my original HL2 discs, which now I do after copying disc 1 using Alc120.


Maybe a bit late but i had the same problem on disc 4 the installation halted and a message popped up about some hl.ico1 that was missing in some 24.cab thingie,
tried several times, searched the net for some help but found nothing, then in desperation i decided to have a look in the box the game came in,

There i found a tiny note that read as follows…

If during install the initial installation process the option to install “Counter Strike Source” is NOT selected an error may occur during installation.
The message will be: cabinet file error, fatal disk error, or similar.
Solution: Cancel the current installation process and reinstall the game from the beginning, starting with disc#1.
Make certain to select the option to install both Half-Life 2 and Counter-strike:Source

  1. After HL2 has been successfully installed open up the steam client.
  2. Select Play Games list.
  3. Right click on Counter-strike:Source and select Properties
  4. Select “Delete Local Content”