Half Life 2 And Px-712a=big Problem!

I recently purchased hl2 retail dvd and got all the STEAMing pile of crap working and game unlocked so on…
but everytime i try to play the game now it dose nothing for about a minute and then all of a sudden BANG! valve could not validate ure key in time!
So any way i went to all the hl2 forums i could find and guess what! a load of people with my drive (px-712a) were getting the exact same problem!
so my question is is it valve with its pile of steam or plextor? if any 1 elles is haveing this problem with there 712 can they please post here?
cheers evry 1!

Hi, I have also very big problems with Half Life 2(also Tribes Vehgeance same problems with both games) and Px-712a, First the Plextor let me install all the game, then after I star to play and click the icon nothing happent, The drive starts to finding the orginal disk, but never find anything, just error message “can´t find the orginal disk”, so you can not play anything. This plextor is huge disappoinment, coz it won´t work with this two new games. I have tested hl2 another 23 euros samsung and it worked fine. So what is the problem?? I think the Plextor.

This is bad very bad as it seems it may be our drives? or mabey plextools? any way found a few people here haveing the same proble!
also found this posted by some 1!

“A lot of the DVD-writers on the market (indeed, the plextor 712-a got several bad reviews because of this) have major trouble reading the newest securom and safedisc releases. My bet is that Half-Life is using one of these two copy protection technologies, and that’s where the problem is.”
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Just read through that thread and it seems that there are more drives that have this problem. In my opinion it’s the fault of the game/copy-protection developers. They’re making their protection too difficult for the drive to read (they’re basically making non-standard discs). You can’t blame the hardware here since the software is telling the drive to do something it cannot do. Valve should have tested this better. Has anyone contacted Plextor? Perhaps it can be fixed via a firmware upgrade.

true and i hope so as im getting really annoyed at this steam crap and halflife 2!

I have written to Belgium few times, same blaa blaa blaa, then I called to the local distibutor in Finland and what a surprise they asked me to write to Belgium. It seems to me nobody is taking any responsibility what comes this f…king problems with Sierras new games, I have also wrote to Hl2 technical support, but nobody answered to me, same issue with Tribes. This is total bullshit and I am very pissed off.

Well I guess they have to reconsider the copy protection and give some solution or have full refund on the purchase!

Maybe they will release a patch (and maybe for regged users only) to fix the game *.exe so the game will work with more drives …

Isn’t it funny that this is just the right time to think about downloading an illegal No-CD-Hack to replace the original *.exe with ? :Z

You can find a couple of solutions in this thread:

Good luck :slight_smile:

all I can say about this is, I would recommend buying a normal dvd/cd drive for playing games and not use your burner for anything but recording. this is what I do and I never have problems playing games. Besides you can pick up a dvd/cd drive for around 30 dollars now so it’s not that big of a deal.

I would just never give my burner any more miles then need be.

I blame the copy protections and the moronic games publishers that insist on using them rather than the hardware.

It’s just pathetic that they use multiple kinds of protection for their games now…

A installationcode should be enough. :frowning:

It’s a good suggestion but not always an option. My barebone computer, for instance, only has room for one optical drive, which happens to be the PX-712A. I am very interested in Half Life 2 but now that I know my drive will most likely have problems with it, I haven’t bought the game (yet). Not until either Plextor or Valve releases an update which fixes this problem. I think game companies are taking these copy-protections way too far, especially when you think of the fact that any game can and will be cracked (I think HL2 has already been released on the Internet) and thus, they are only hurting the people that actually buy the game. Pirated copies are nowadays better than the real thing because all the nasty side-effects have been removed…

No wonder ****** are having a field day and *** is attracting bigger numbers ( HL is available there for free, copy-protection didn’t help much after all ) ( NO I wouldn’t / don’t condone the use of ****** software) when large multi-national companies can’t get two products to work properly. I was interested in HL also but after reading what u guys are saying I`ll wait also ( I have a plextor also ) and would hope if i needed to use it to play games it wouldn’t let me down. I expect the more people write/complain the quicker that something will be done. ahh but I guess horses for courses, CDrom for games DVD burner for burning DVD…

Same here, my px712 has hard time reading CD version of HL2. And it killed my old CD-rom that i had for 5 years after i got the 1st installed of the game.

Valve has pissed of allot of people.