Half an Half, CSS



I know that this may seem very dum, but Really I have no idea what to do :confused:
I put LOTR widescreen version (region 2) disc in, and next thing I know is that Any DVD is informing me that, it couldn’t remove all the CSS keys. I then tried to clone it with Clone DVD, but in the end it didn’t worked on my dvd player (Suprise, suprise)… In the preview mode, everything seemed to be ok, (i could see the picture and all) but on the burning process it just showed some Fujifilm picture (too weird for me). So I ask for your help? :bow: can these CSS keys be loaded from somewhere or is this a problem that can’t be fixed… I’m using Any DVD and Clone DVD2…


AnyDVD tries to brute force attack only, if the drive is set to a different region than the disc, or no region code has been set.

As you are in Region 2 Land (Helsinki), and your LOTR is Region 2 as well, set your drive to Region 2.


Olli, 1st, Thanks for some great software. 2nd, Do you know if CloneDVD2 and the Fox are thinking about 64 bit support? I have an AMD 64 Opteron and I am running XP Pro 64 bit trial edition. I have dual boot but I am just wondering if you have it in the works or not? Thanks Scott


AFAIK both are “thinking” of it, but it will not happen soon.


Thanks for the reply Olli. I’ll be looking forward to it.