Hairy09 movavi suite 8

where can I find previous discussions. Also wanted to join two video files in movavi suite 8 in video converter but when I do there is no sound. It is AC3 and MPEG4 and I wanted an avi file. I’ve done this many times with dvds but this time when the two dvds join there is no sound. .

want to join two dvds in movavi suite and have done this before but this time there is no sound when I’ve done it. It is MPEG4 format and AC3 and want to conver to avi.

AC3 in avi might work but is not recommended. Convert the audio to constant bitrate mp3 for your avi.

I don’t use your program however, so I don’t know its controls. Personally, when starting with mp4, I’d use AviDemux to convert them to avi with mp3 sound. Free to use.

You might need to get a codec pack that has the proper codec needed for the process.

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I have most codecs loaded

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