Hairline black mark on edge of DVD after burning

These are Taiyo Yuden DVD blanks. I get a hairline black mark after burning them and it’s near the very edge every time.

What could be causing this?
What do you use (which version and which method) to verify that all data was stored correctly on a burned DVD?

Burner used was Pioneer DVR-112D

Picture of it is in this thread:

Intel i7 920 [211] BCLK x 19 = 4.0 GHz @ [1.4500] CPU Voltage & [1.35000] QPI/DRAM Uncore Voltage, Batch 3836A394
3 x 1GB G.SKIL DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) [DDR3-1691MHz] 10-10-10-24 @ 1.64 DRAM Bus Voltage
ASUS P6T Deluxe v.1 [LGA 1366 Intel X58] BIOS 1606
Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme 1366 RT with 120mm Scythe S-Flex F fan
ASUS EAH4850 TOP Radeon HD 4850 512MB @ 680 MHz GPU & 2100 MHz Memory
Antec nine hundred case, two front 120mm fans, one back 120mm Fan, one top 200mm fan
Corsair CMPSU-750TX 750W
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Can you show us a before and after photo? The after photo has dust and other crap on it that makes it impossible to evaluate properly. We need to see what they look like before you burn.

Also, you should turn on the verify after burn function in your software. All burning programs have it. They read the disc right after the burn. It’s simple.

Could be maybe something in the drive is hitting them as its rotating? does it do it with all discs or just the TY’s?

I believe I have resolved the problem after switching back to an older drive. The value line Taiyo Yudens have tiny scratches on them which are exposed after the laser goes over the surface.

How can you tell fake TY from real ones?

[QUOTE=c627627;2467425]How can you tell fake TY from real ones?[/QUOTE]

Yep, that disk has sat around a while before use and got all dirty and dusty which can definitely cause a bad burn or funny looking darkish spots where the dust and scratches are.
The scan you posted though looks pretty good anyways and I’ve seen marks like that on my disks as well, it’s from sliding the disk into the tray and it scraping along the edges as it drops in. Pretty easy to do when your loading disks in a hurry. I try to tilt my blanks on the edge of the disk and tray now and then easily lower them onto the tray so the edges of the data side doesn’t hit and get scratched.:doh:

Hm. Discs are TYG02 with code GG000267 so they appear to be genuine Taiyo Yudens with little scratches on them that got on them somehow :shrug:

[QUOTE=c627627;2467609]Hm. Discs are TYG02 with code GG000267 so they appear to be genuine Taiyo Yudens with little scratches on them that got on them somehow :shrug:[/QUOTE]

Yep those are real TY disc’s with the GG code as for the scratches they can get on
there very easily as it doesn’t take much to scratch them up. :doh:

I noticed DVDs no matter what brand tend to scratch easier, I wonder if they are made of a softer polycarbonate then CDr media.